Dr. Richard La Near

Dr. Richard La Near

Dr. Richard La Near was appointed the J.R. Kuhn Distinguished Professor of Finance at Missouri Southern State College in 1987. He previously taught at Mercer University (1983-87), the University of Arkansas (1981-83), Murray State University (1978-81), and the University of Mississippi (1974-78)

."My major interest in Japan is due to the fact that it is the world's second largest economy and thus, a major trading partner of the U.S.," Dr. La Near says. "As it arose from the ashes of World War II, it became an economic powerhouse and was predicted to pass the U.S. via the use of its vaunted government central planning. This prediction was 'wrong' as central planning never works. Japan's economy has been asleep for almost 10 years and it is time they woke up so as to the status quo of continued economic growth. An economically healthy U.S. and Japan is best for both countries."

Dr. La Near received a Ph.D. in finance from the University of Mississippi, an M.B.A. in finance from Memphis State University, a B.S. in mathematics from Pittsburg State University, and an A.A. in pre-engineering from Joplin Junior College. He served as a U.S. Army Infantry officer from 1968-71, including a stint in Vietnam.

Dr. La Near has published five articles in the Southern Business and Economic Review as well as a regular "Investment Corner" column. He has also written numerous columns for The Joplin Globe and presented a host of speeches and seminars.

Dr. La Near has extensive community service. He serves as program chairman for the Joplin Kiwanis Club, is a Joplin Family Y board member and a member of the viewers advisory council for Ozarks Public Television, and continues to advise the City of Joplin on derivative losses.