Student Success Center

Online Peer Writing Tutoring

Peer tutoring in writing is available, through email, to MSSU Students by the MSSU Student Success Center. Student writers can receive assistance with any stage of the writing process:

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  • getting started
  • generating and elaborating ideas
  • organizing and clarifying ideas
  • using correct grammar and mechanics
  • doing successful research
  • documenting sources appropriately


Guidelines for Receiving Online Peer Tutoring in Writing

The Student Success Center is an instructional service, not an editing or paper writing service. Please do not expect the tutor to edit or write your paper for you.

Trained tutors can help students in at least three ways:

  1. identify problem areas in student papers
  2. answer questions and provide instruction, and
  3. coach/guide students through the various stages of writing a paper.

Allow 48 hours (excluding weekends) for us to receive the paper and respond to your questions. Often, you and a peer tutor will exchange several e-mail messages over a period of days. Make sure you write and send your paper well in advance of the due date. Do not wait until the last minute to submit your paper!!

Format to Send Papers to Student Success Center via Email

  1. Make sure your paper is a Microsoft Word file; papers in other word processing programs will not be accepted.
  2. Send your paper as an email attachment to
  3. Include your correct email address.
  4. Identify specific questions in the paper that you want the tutor to address.
  5. The Student Success Center needs the following information:
    • the instructor of the course,
    • the course title and course number,
    • your name, and
    • a detailed description of the assignment.

Other Student Success Center Resources

In-Person Peer Writing Tutoring

To receive face-to-face tutoring in writing, students should visit the Student Success Center and sign up for each tutoring session they plan to attend. Students can choose from 24 different writing tutoring times each week. If these tutoring times don’t fit students’ schedules, they can make an appointment with a tutor.

Tutoring in Other Disciplines 

Tutoring is available for accounting, math, sciences, and general education classes on campus in the Student Success Center. For more information, call 659-3725 or email

Online Resources for Writers

  • Avoiding Academic Dishonesty This site describes how to avoid the kinds of academic dishonesty commonly associated with writing. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated, and students should take all steps necessary to avoid it.
  • Harvard’s Writing Center This Web site offers many resources and printable handouts to help students with the stages of the writing process. The handouts include topics on many aspects of writing, from starting the paper to grammar and style errors.
  • Citation Machine Citation Machine is a free Web site which helps students with creating citations in both MLA and APA format. Although Citation Machine is limited to basic citations, it can be a helpful tool for students. Users should be careful to double check the results of Citation Machine against the instructor’s assignment guides and preferences.
  • Writer’s Reference Online Diana Hacker’s site is a companion to the textbook used in freshman English classes at MSSU: A Writer’s Reference, Fifth Edition by Diana Hacker.This site provides many kinds of information on writing and over 1000 electronic exercise items for grammar, research, and writing, and documentation style. The exercises are interactive, providing immediate feedback that is cross-referenced with Hacker’s text. This site explains APA, MLA, and CMS documentation styles.
  • Purdue University Guides The Purdue University online writing lab has many resources for writers, including how to find, evaluate, and document sources according to APA and MLA formats. Purdue OWL personnel will answer questions online from anyone, but they won’t read and respond to whole documents unless you’re a Purdue student. The Purdue OWL is linked to dozens of other online writing labs.

Fast Facts

This Blackboard site contains much information on writing, time management, study skills, and test preparation. Topics on writing include common sentence problems, using quotations, and improving grammar and punctuation.

To access this site, just click on Missouri Southern Announcements under the My Courses section on your Blackboard Homepage. Once inside, search for an announcement titled “Online Writing and Study Skills Assistance” dated August 23. Click the link, and a new window will appear. The window is the Blackboard site for the Student Success Center Online Assistance. A green thumbnail button to Fast Facts will be on the menu.