Student Success Center

Student Success Center Tutors

Rashad Al-Shabban

rashad al-shabban pictureHi, my name is Rashad Al-Sabban and I am a senior at MSSU currently attending my final semester before graduation. I am a general studies major with intent to go on to attain my doctorate in physical therapy. I hope that I can be of assistance to those who seek help this semester!


Luke Barr

Luke BarrMy name is Luke Barr and I am a junior mathematics major and computer science minor here at Missouri Southern. After I graduate I plan to attend graduate school in mathematics with the intent of becoming a statistician. Along with tutoring in the Student Success Center, I am also involved in Math club and the MSSU Honors Program. In my free time I like to play and watch sports, play music and hang out with cats.


Ankit Basnet

Ankit BasnetHi, my name is Ankit Basnet, and I am an international student from Nepal. I am a senior here at Southern and I tutor writing at the Student Success Center. I am a member of the Honors Program and Sigma Tau Delta. I have been in the US for quite a while now and like it very much, particularly my classes at Southern. I enjoy reading and writing a lot. When I am free, I take a nap, read more, or hang out with my neighbors.


Tommy Bentley

Tommy BentleyHello, my name is Tommy Bentley. I am a junior Environmental Health major here at MSSU and a biology tutor at the Student Success Center. After graduation, I plan to begin a career in public health. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and fishing.


Alicia Brust

alicia brust pictureMy name is Alicia Brust and I'm the respiratory tutor. It is my last year of the respiratory program here at Southern  and when I graduate I plan on working in the NICUs and PICUs. I'm a part of the RT Club and the captain of the sputum bowl team. Besides academics I love to spend time with my husband and two children. Family is what I live for and I aspire to be a great role model for my children.

Courtney Hooper

courtney hooper pictureHi, name is Courtney Hooper. I am currently a sophomore at MSSU. I am working on a major in Secondary Education and Mathematics. After I graduate I plan to return to my home town and teach high school math. When I'm not at school I enjoy hunting, working on the farm, baking, and browsing Pinterest. 


Ian Howe

Ian HoweHi, my name is Ian Howe and I am a senior Computer Information Science major.  I tutor Computer Information Science courses at the Student Success Center and am a member of the Computer Information Science Club and Phi Eta Sigma. After I graduate I would like to get a job in the Information Security area.  In my free time, I like to watch sports, play with technology and listen to music.


Kurt Housh

kurt houshHi, my name is Kurt Housh and I am a Junior Biochemistry major here at Missouri Southern and a biology tutor. When I am not at school I coach a swim team in the evenings. After graduation I hope to attend medical school and begin a career in medicine. In what spare time I have I like to read and spend time with my family.

Jacob Messer

Hey, my name is Jake Messer, and I'm a psychology major of sophomore standing. On campus, besides tutoring, I am the Public Relations Chair of Student Senate and am Zac Wages pictureinvolved in the psychology club and the Honors department.  In my spare time, I like to play my guitar, create new songs in my band, ride my motorcycles and being outdoors.


Samuel Miller

samuel miller picture Hi, my name is Samuel Miller. I am a junior here at MOSO; I’m double majoring in Biology and Spanish. However, I will be tutoring general studies this semester. I live on campus, and I love it! When I’m not on campus or buried in homework, I enjoy being outdoors. Kayaking is my favorite thing to do. On the weekends, I enjoy picnicking and grilling with my girlfriend.

Natalie Overfelt

Natalie OverfeltHello, my name is Natalie Overfelt and I am a Senior Biology major. I am new to the Student Success Center this semester and will tutor biology and chemistry courses.  I'm not sure what the future holds for me after I graduate (hopefully in May!), but I'm looking forward to whatever comes my way! My spare time is spent with my husband and our dog, Percy.


Molly Shumaker

Molly ShumakerHello, my name is Molly Shumaker. I am a Senior Biochemistry Major and I tutor Chemistry. Outside of the Student Success Center I'm a Resident Assistant in the dorms and heavily involved in Student Senate. After graduating, I'd love to pursue a career in nutrition. Hopefully I will be able to come back to the area and work in local health care.

Benjamin Starkey

Ben Starkey photo Hello, my name is Ben Starkey and I tutor math and physics. I'm a sophomore physics major and plan to go into the Navy after graduation. I'm involved in Fellowship of Christian Athletes on campus and I played for 2 years on the MSSU golf team. In my free time, I enjoy playing music and golf and looking for cheap stuff on eBay.


Derek Stokes

derek stokes Hello, my name is Derek Stokes. I am a junior biology major here at Missouri Southern. Along with tutoring I am also the vice president of the Caduceus Club and a member of Kappa Alpha. After graduation I plan to attend medical school. Some of my hobbies include playing/watching sports, kayaking, hunting and other activities.


Haley Velez

Haley VelezHello, I am Haley Velez. I am a senior dual major in Environmental Health and Chemistry. I am the newly elected president of the Environmental Health Club on campus. My career interests are: biological/chemical security, detection, and remediation. Outside of school, I enjoy practicing speaking Spanish with friends and learning new dances.


Zac Wages

My name is Zack Wages and I am a sophomore Biology major. After I graduate I plan to attend medical school and become a medical missionary. Along with tutoring, I love to jacob messer picturemeet new people, spend time with friends and family, and be a part of Koinonia.

Daisha Warren

Daisha FosterMy name is Daisha Warren and I am a senior studying Criminal Justice Administration, Juvenile Justice, and Law Enforcement with a minor in Crime Scene Investigation. I am a tutor in the Student Success Center where I help students with math and writing, a resident assistant in our dorms. I am in Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Chi, and Omicron Delta Kappa all which are honors societies on campus. And I enjoy dancing Zumba in our campus recreation center with all my friends, and on the weekends I enjoy spending time with my family back in Arkansas. I am currently interning at the United States Marshals Services and hope to work my way to become a Deputy U.S. Marshal after I graduate.