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Date: Thursday, October 1, 2015

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Location: BSC 3rd Floor

STD/STI*: 10a-4p (Willcoxon Health Center)


Wellness Screening Fair

The MSSU Wellness Screening Fair will be held the Fall semester of each year during Wellapalooza Week. The purpose of the Wellness Screening Fair is to provide various free to low cost screening opportunities to MSSU and the surrounding communities, regardless of income level or insurance status, in order to continue improving and maintaining the well-being of each member of our campus and community.

Screenings Offered

Screening Organization Price
Flu Shots Willcoxon Health Center TBD
Vision Still looking for a vendor Suggest someone
Eye Cancer Still looking for a vendor Suggest someone
Blood Pressure Freeman Screen Team Free
Dental (Velscope) MSSU Dental Hygiene Free
Oral Cancer MSSU Dental Hygiene Free
Chiropractic Carlson Chiropractic Free
Sleep Assessments Still looking for a vendor Suggest someone
BECK Depression Ozark Center Free
Mental Health Checks Mercy Clinical Behavioral Health Free
Stress Dot Test Freeman Advantage Free
Skin Dr. Bei Zheng, Mercy Free
STD/STI* AIDS Project of the Ozarks Free
Diabetes Mercy Diabetes Education Free
Hearing Still looking for a vendor Suggest someone
Well Woman (Coupon to waive office visit fee; Campus Only) Willcoxon Health Center Lab fees (Varies)
Prostate Freeman Screen Team $30
Leg Freeman Wound Care Free
Feet/Step/Stride Still looking for a vendor Suggest someone
Budget Still looking for a vendor Suggest someone
Health Insurance Subsidies/Premium Tax Credits Cover Missouri/Health Insurance Marketplace Free
Prescription Drug Take Back** MSSU University Police Free
Breast Cancer Mercy Mobile Mammography Free
Mammography Information Worksheet ¦ Mammography Consent & Agreement Form ¦ Mammography Admission Record
Freeman Screen Team | Offerings, prices, & pre-screening instructions