What we offer

Wellness Incentive Program

Who: While anyone may join the group and participate, only MSSU faculty, staff, students. and their spouses/partners are prize eligible
What: Participate for a chance to win prizes, rack up Wellness Reward points, and change your life!
*Incentive program has ended; however, you may still join and log miles.  Prizes will be awarded periodically throughout the duration of the Missouri 100 Miles program.

Register: Click Here

Once on the site, click “Register,” and follow the prompts. You will need to request to join the “MSSU Wellness Incentive Program” group.

While the incentive program prizes will be awarded based on mileage logged between 3/31 & 4/27, the 100 Missouri Miles program is actually ongoing through November. Because of this, people are encouraged to continue joining/logging even after the incentive program has ended. The Wellness Department will continue to periodically award prizes for various accomplishments throughout the program, so be sure to keep up with your logging, so you don’t miss out!

The program logs miles, however, there is an activity convertor on the site that allows you to convert time spent doing non distance based activities into miles. There are also badges & trophies to be earned! This program is great for friendly competition amongst your office, departments, friends, family, and faculty/staff v. students.