What we offer:
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(August 17th-December 3rd)

Benefits of Aquatic Fitness:
  • Stress reduction
  • Minimal muscle strain
  • Tone, build lean muscle, increase flexibility, & get an aerobic workout all at once
  • Cardiovascular improvement
  • Reduced likelihood for injuries
  • Little to NO impact
 All classes can be modified for everyone from beginners to pros!

Fall 2015

Shallow H2Obics

Deep H2Obics

Mondays (12:10p-12:50p)

This class provides a low-impact, comprehensive aerobic water workout.

*Keep your hair and face (mostly) dry with this class.

Tuesdays (12:10p-12:50p)

Get an all-inclusive workout with NO impact!

*Keep your hair and face (mostly) dry with this class.

Instructor's Choice

Thursdays (12:10p-12:50p)

Anything goes in this class! Shallow, Deep, Aqualates, Aqua Hip Hop, Aquakick, Aqua Boot Camp, or anything else the instructor is in the mood for!

Please note:
  • Although helpful, the ability to swim is not necessary to participate in H2Obics classes.
  • H2Obics classes are FREE to all members of the MSSU Aquatic & Racquetball Center and/ Beimdiek Rec Center.
  • The Recreational Services Department reserves the right to cancel aquatic fitness classes at any time.