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MSSU Model United Nations


For over 25 years, the Model United Nations Club has provided MSSU students the opportunity to learn about the work of the most important international organization ever devised, to explore current global issues and to understand the positions taken by different UN members on these issues. Each year, our students participate as delegates from a UN member state in two major college-level conferences:  the American Model UN in Chicago, held each November, and the Midwest Model UN, held each February in St. Louis.

Preparation for the conference includes researching complex and timely issues, such as the Israel/Palestine question, trafficking in persons, promotion of new and renewable sources of energy, bacteriological and toxin weapons, or minimizing the impact of natural disasters. Students learn about the nature and urgency of these topics and about some of the proposed solutions.

They also write  – and this is the most challenging part – position papers that reflect not the solutions they personally favor but rather the policies and interests of the country they represent. At the conference itself, however, our delegates must persuade others that these positions offer just and effective solutions to the problems at hand. Because they play the role of diplomats, they must negotiate with students representing other UN members, build consensus and forge resolutions that reflect common interests.

Our delegates participate in conferences with students from universities across the nation and, in some cases, from overseas. We have also won awards for outstanding delegation. To prepare for their work at the conferences, students have the option of taking Model UN as a three-credit course in the fall semester, thereby receiving academic credit for the substantial research and writing they would otherwise have done voluntarily as club members.  We will be offering this opportunity again this fall. Students from all majors are welcome!

Meetings and Membership

Meetings are held Thursdays at 3 p.m. in Webster 223.

Contact: Dr. Pail Teverow, Webster 226


telephone: 417-625-3114