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Lifeguard Certification Course

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Registration Deadline: April 24th

Course Dates/Times:
May 5th & 6th (4p-10p)
May 7th (9a-9p)(or until finished)


MSSU Employees/Students: $200
Community: $225

This class will cover the American Red Cross Lifeguarding skills for certification.

  Lifeguarding skills image

(Click picture for online manual)

  • A 300-yards non-stop swim (demonstrating breath control and rhythmic breathing)(no time limit)
  • Tread water for 2 minutes using only the legs (hands must be placed in underarms)
  • Starting in water, swim our 20-yards; retrieve a 10-lb rubber brick from 7'-10'; swim back to starting point with both hands holding brick; place brick on deck; climb out of pool without using the ladder steps (1:45 time limit)