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Did you know?

In 2017, the Super Leader Program became the Southern Leadership Academy. The Southern Leadership Academy is a joint effort between Missouri Southern State University and the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Network to identify, cultivate and motivate future community leaders currently enrolled in college. This informative and thought provoking program introduces participants to the community and career opportunities. In addition, Southern Leadership Academy provides a strategic curriculum to enhance participants' leadership skills. Anyone who has a genuine interest in community leadership and wants to broaden their scope of knowledge beyond their current level is encouraged to apply to the Southern Leadership Academy.

Check out these session recap videos:

Leadership Development and Marketing, Media, and Advertising Day 

Small Business and Economic Development and Non-Profit and Civic Organizations

Why should you apply to the Southern Leadership Academy? 

By the end of the Southern Leadership Academy, participants will:

  • Cultivate and develop leadership skills
  • Better understand the community
  • See Joplin in terms of the "big picture"
  • Gain valuable networking contacts
  • Learn about career opportunities in the community

Each session is different and designed to expose participants to all aspects of the day's topic. The schedule shows the commitment required and it is important to understand the expectation of attendance at all sessions. If you have a conflict with session dates please consider waiting to apply until next semester.

2017 Fall Program  *Applications Due August 30, 2017

2018 Spring Program  *Applications Due January 26, 2018

Program Expectations

The Selection Process

Program participation is limited to 11-15 students per semester, depending on program funding.  Students must submit a completed application and payment of $25 or essay to be considered for the program.  Application fees will be refunded to candidates not selected.  In addition to reviewing each individual's qualifications, the committee strives for a broad spectrum of experience, background and majors.

Southern Leadership Academy selection is based on the following individual criteria:

Application Fee Waiver

To apply for an application fee waiver:

Attach the essay with your application in lieu of the application fee and bring it to the Career Service Office on the second floor of Spiva Library.

Check out what our past graduates had to say about the former Super Leaders Program:

Meet our current and past participants!

Fall 2017

To be announced! 

Spring 2017

Alex Alekhine
Alyssa Brewer
Monica Clement
Megan Cornwell
Julie Falleri
Kelsey Franklin
Bella Gawlik
Lucas Hertzberg
Grady Howell
Taylor Lansford
James McRoy


Fall 2016

Jordan Blythe
Samantha Dearman
Tyler Elsten
Ashton Gibson
Zackary Keckler
Brittany Minear
Ashley Nicholson
Kuta Suso
Chee Yang
Hope Yarick
Hae Chan Yoon

Spring 2016

Caroline Adams
Chelsey Caballero
Josh Foster
Jayse Henderson
Kacie Hulse
Olivia Massey
Marshall McCord
Megan Neely
Danae Randol
Emmalee Smith
YengZong Yang

 Fall 2015

Bethany Ames
Hailey Bass
Evan Bass
Alyssa Farney
Ethan Hutcheson
Jayce Hylton
Colten Lintner
Jared Lupo
Torie Vaughn
Dillan Whistler
Casey Zeka

Spring 2015

Skyler Arbuckle
Matthew Armstrong
Ryan Buerk
Michael Chilton
Jamie Deese
Abigail Finder
Courtney Jablonski
Travis Lewis
Michael Maddock
Charynn Multhaup
Ashlea Norman
Shakira Rhoads
Arielle Speer
Holly Stone
Kendra Tilton

Fall 2014

Timothy Arr
Jessica Beck
Juan Brady
Breana Clark
Kyle Davidson
Guillermo Diaz
Cara Gooch
Jacob Harp
Brooklyn Lampe
Jude Obeto
Inesa Stevens

Spring 2014

Cena Bass
Jared Beasley
William Bruan
Aliza Fahle
Gage Hanlon
Lindsey Miller
Matthew Pulsipher
Chase Starr-Kercheval
Kenzo Van Baal
Joseph Vanhorn

Fall 2013

Haddy Faal
Aja Gwaro
Agie Mai Jammeh
Madison Kienzle
Denis Kuzmin
Joshua LeMasters
Ashleigh McFarland
Peter Thompson

Spring 2013

AshLeigh Clarkson Thomlinson
Venus Day
Mary Duncan
Aji Sophie Jeng
Viktoryia Johnson
Josh Lowry
Tom Ly
Audrey Mathis
Meredith Murray
Kayla Smith
Caleb Wheeler

Fall 2012

Deana Fanning
Cory Garr
Lauren Geraghty
Garret Lambert
Jared Malcolm
Syleris Gwin Martinez
Lydia McGriff
Mattillyn Ott
Shelley Pritchett
Jace Waggoner
Gia Yang



For more information about the Southern Leadership Academy: 

Phone: 417-625-9343 or