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Resources by Major

Career Services Department

Resources specific to your college major

Computer Information Science:

RPG Job Openings
Find entry level and internship opportunities, including RPG job opportunities.

Amazon Job Openings
Connect with Amazon on LinkedIn to have access to new job openings with Amazon in the United States.


Kansas Teaching Jobs
View all open teaching positions in the state of Kansas.

Careers in Education
Research eduation employment opportunities by state, career paths within education, and discover other roles and responsibilities of education professionals. 

Environmental Sciences:

USA Jobs
Find summer internship programs for the national parks service among other government programs.


Advance- Healthcare Careers
View the annual career guide for the health care industry. Includes tips on finding a job, being successful in the workplace, balancing your work and home life, and continuing your education.

Missouri Health Careers
Take a quiz to see which healthcare career is right for you! Research different healthcare careers, learn salary expectations, and read job descriptions.

Nurses Without Borders
Search for nursing positions across the globe, read interviews with experienced professionals in the field, and much more.

Life Sciences:

Life Sciences Institute
A list of organizations that offer career opportunities in the life sciences. Each organization name links to their company's career website.


Careers in Psychology
Research careers, graduate schools, internships and more in the field of psychology. Find out what experts in various psychology careers have to say about their profession.