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Advising Services for Undeclared Majors

Advising, Counseling, and Testing Department


Advising Services provide academic and professional guidance as students develop meaningful educational plans in pursuit of their educational and life goals. Advisors provide students with information about coursework, University policies and procedures, and career options and opportunities. We believe excellence can be achieved by encouraging good decision-making and assisting students in reaching their fullest academic, social and personal potential.

The Advising, Counseling & Testing Services department provides academic advising services to undeclared students, including undeclared transfer students and students transitioning between majors.

What does it mean to be Undeclared?

If you are entering the University without a specific field of study, you are classified as Undeclared until you officially choose a major. However, you're not alone. At MSSU about 60% of students are Undeclared in any given semester. As a student who has not yet declared a major, you will have the opportunity to explore various academic and career options. For academic advising, visit the University Advising Center.

Do I need to decide on a major right away?

No. Because all students entering the University must meet General Education Program requirements regardless of major, it is appropriate to concentrate on the completion of those requirements before committing to a specific major. You have time to enroll in courses in several disciplines, which allows you to make a more informed judgment about career decisions. Academic advisors have a broad working experience with the requirements for majors and offer assistance as you search for the education choice best suited to your needs.

What other help is there to give me ideas for my major?