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Going Greek is a great opportunity for Missouri Southern Students. While each organization represented on campus has an individual personality and principles, Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Sisterhood or Brotherhood are central components of all chapters.

Greeks at MSSU are active members in a variety of other campus organizations, often serving in leadership roles. Chapter members also complete many hours of philanthropic service for national foundations and local causes each semester and are academically successful.

Making the decision to join a fraternity or sorority is just the beginning of your lifelong membership in a Sisterhood or Brotherhood. So explore your options….

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Sorority Life

Sorority Life

There are two Sororities on MSSU's campus. Both contribute highly to campus life, community involvement, and philanthropic efforts.  Being a part of Sorority life is a great way to meet people and become an avid member of the community.

Questions about joining a sorority?
Craig Gullett
Coordinator of Student Activities
3950 Newman Road Joplin, MO 64801
phone: 417 625 9320
fax: 417 659 4319



Alpha Sigma Alpha

Alpha Sigma Alpha

Founded February 6th, 1993 on the MSSU campus.
Alpha Sigma Alpha strives to develop women of poise and purpose, while providing structure and guidance through sisterhood, heritage, leadership, and service within the chapter, campus, and in the community.

  • COLORS: Crimson, Pearl White, Palm Green, and Gold
  • SYMBOLS: Phoenix, Palm Tree, Four Point Crown
  • NATIONAL PHILANTHROPIES: Special Olympics/ S. June Smith Center
  • PLACE AND DATE FOUNDED: Longwood College, November 15, 1901
  • MOTTO:  ".Aspire, Seek, Attain"
  • Website:
  • Local Website:


Zeta Tau Alpha

Zeta Tau AlphaFounded May 11, 1974 on the MSSU campus
Zeta Tau Alpha wants make a difference in the lives of their members by developing the potential of each individual through innovative programming, leadership development, service to others, academic achievement and continued personal growth, with a commitment to friendship and the future based on the sisterhood, values and traditions of the past.

  • COLORS: Steel Gray and Turquoise Blue 
  • SYMBOLS: 5-point Crown, Strawberry, and Bunny 
  • NATIONAL PHILANTHROPIES: Breast Cancer Awareness 
  • PLACE AND DATE FOUNDED: Longwood College, October 15, 1898 
  • MOTTO: "Seek the Noblest" 
  • National Website: 
  • Local Website:

Fraternity Life

There are two active Fraternities on MSSU's campus. Membership in Fraternity Life focuses on academics, community and campus involvement, and brotherhood.  MSSU's fraternities are strong leaders in the classroom, and in the community.

Questions about joining
a fraternity?
Craig Gullett
Coordinator of Student Activities
3950 Newman Road Joplin, MO 64801
phone: 417 625 9320
fax: 417 659 4319




Kappa Alpha Order

KA logoKappa Alpha Order (commonly known as Kappa Alpha, KA, or "the Order"). The members of Kappa Alpha Order pride themselves on a tradition of chivalry and of the values of the gentleman.  A member of Kappa Alpha Order strives to offer reverence to both God and women, as described in the motto.  Kappa Alpha does not intend to change anyone, rather bond together those men who have these similar values so that they may experience brotherhood, and pursue improvement, with one another.

  • COLORS: Crimson and Old Gold
  • SYMBOLS: Lion, crimson rose and the magnolia blossom
  • NATIONAL PHILANTHROPY: Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)
  • PLACE AND DATE FOUNDED: Washington College, Lexington VA, December 21, 1865
  • MOTTO: Dieu et les Dames (God and the Ladies), Fratres usque ad aram fidelis (Brothers faithful unto death)
  • NATIONAL WEBSITE: www.­kappaalphaorder.­org



Sigma Pi

Sigma Pi logoThe Mission of Sigma Pi Fraternity, International is to build and support chapters and alumni organizations for the purpose of maintaining a Fellowship of kindred minds united in Brotherhood. Membership in Sigma Pi is life long, an experience marked by friendship, leadership, citizenship, and distinction. As a college fraternity, we strive to bring out the best in each of our members and expect each member to be his best. Sigma Pi encourages a fraternal culture that promotes its ideals by philanthropic events for its members and the communities in which its chapters are located.

  • COLORS: Lavender, white, and gold
  • SYMBOLS: Owl
  • NATIONAL PHILANTHROPY: Amazing Day, Donate Life and Altruistic Campus Experience
  • PLACE AND DATE FOUNDED: Vicennes University, February 26, 1897
  • MOTTO:  Progress, man's distinctive mark alone, Not God's, and not the beasts', God is, they are. Man partly is and wholly hopes to be
  • FACEBOOK: Sigma Pi Eta Mu
  • TWITTER: @SigmaPiEtaMU

Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Crest

Kappa Sigma is the largest college social fraternity in the world with more than 200,000 living  members, including over 20,000 undergraduates and 320 chapters and colonies located throughout the Unit ed States and Canada. Founded in 1869 at the University of Virginia, Kappa Sigma International Headquarters is based in Charlottesville, Virginia.