Student Activities

  • President
    Matthew Middleton
  • Vice President
    Ashley Stevens
  • Secretary
    Brent Phillips
  • Treasurer
    Ethan Schwab
  • Activities Officer
    Ace Pelham
  • Membership Officer
    Heather Lane
  • Publicity Officer
    Jared Dodson

Accounting Club

The Accounting Club at MSSU provides students with the resources and opportunities needed to become a successful professional in the fields of accounting and finance. Members will have access to essential career information and perspectives from locally practicing professionals, as well as the ability to build strong professional networks through monthly club meeting and access to various professional accounting organizations.

Members also have the opportunity to publish their resume in the Accounting Club's annual resume book. This resume book is distributed as a resource for area employers who are interested in hiring new accounting graduates.

The Accounting Club at MSSU has a purpose to...

  1. Act as a resource to help develop accounting professionals at MIssouri Southern State University by:
    1. building strong professional networks
    2. providing perspective and career information from practicing professionals, and
    3. developing the skills needed to succeed as an accounting or finance professional.
  2. Open opportunities for people beginning their education and development in the accounting profession.

For membership questions please contact Heather Lane by emailing

For comments or questions about activities please contact Ace Pelham by emailing

To talk with our president please contact Matt Middleton by emailing