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Alma Mater and Fight Song

Campus aerial shot

MSSU Alma Mater

Select music sheet to view a larger version of the Alma Mater score. MSSU Alma Mater

Music first performed in 1939

Missouri Southern State University’s “Alma Mater”was drafted during the Joplin Junior College second year by a group that included Mary Laird, Joan Epperson, Enos Currey, Ellen Beasley, and Emerson Jackson. Laird was principally responsible for the lyrics while Jackson set it to music.

It was first sung during a Class-Day program in 1939. The performance of the Alma Mater is now a fixture of the University's Commencement programs in December and May, as well as other selected events.

Fight Song


Sheet music for the fight Song

Fight Green and Gold
Onward to victory
Go Lions Go
Marching forward fearlessly
Fight Lions Fight
As we roar towards another win
Brave and bold our
Green and Gold
MoSo Lions Go!

MSSU Fight Song music and lyrics are copyrighted by MSSU.

Listen to our Fight Song (MSSU Chamber Singers Performance)

Download the Fight Song (MSSU Chamber Singers Performance)

Listen to our Fight Song (Instrumental)

Download the Fight Song (Instrumental)