Registrar's Office

Web Registration

  • You may select LioNet link from the footer of any MSSU web page or
    Once you have logged into LioNet, choose “Registration Tools” from the Quick Links.
  • Web Registration is available only to currently enrolled students with 30 or more hours.
  • Your log-on ID and password will be required.
  • Students on academic probation must contact their advisor.
  • Web Registration allows you to register yourself for courses that are open if you have met the prerequisites and there is no time conflict with your other courses.

Before you can Web Register:

  • You must contact your advisor and your advisor must issue a new registration PIN for each term.
  • Any holds for academic or financial reasons must be cleared.
  • Your assigned beginning enrollment date and time must be met.
  • Review the Preregistration schedule.
  • After the first week of the term, students will not be permitted to make changes to their schedule through LioNet.

On or after your assigned date you also have the option to enroll in person through your advisor.
If you have problems using Web Registration, please contact your advisor.