Registrar's Office

Transfer Articulation Appeal Process

  • Transfer students have the right to appeal course articulation from transferring institutions. If you feel a course has not been given proper credit at MSSU, please contact an Academic Records Specialist regarding the appeal process. Issues that can be resolved by an Academic Records Specialist require no further action by the student or institution.
  • Courses from non-regionally accredited schools may be challenged for credit by completing a General Academic Petition. The petition must be accompanied with a course syllabus and credentials of the course instructor. Petitions are routed to the department of the course for review and final determination of credit.
  • Courses from regionally accredited schools that have not been articulated for course credit may be challenged for academic credit toward a degree by completing the General Academic Petition. Appeals require the approval from both the department of the course and the department of the major.
  • Disputes regarding how a course was articulated may be challenged through the appeals process also. The academic department has final determination on course articulation.
  • Transfer students may request the assistance of the articulation officer from the sending institution in reviewing the situation and giving advice on the merits of appeal. For additional information from the Missouri Department of Higher Education regarding course articulation please visit: IV. Procedures for Review of Credit Transfer Policy and Compliance appeals process.

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