Registrar's Office

Determination of Transfer Credit

Transfer equivalencies are determined by the Transfer Credit Analyst in the Registrar's Office in conjunction with academic departments through a comparison of course descriptions. If enough similarity exists between a course taken at the transfer institution and a Missouri Southern course, transfer credit will be awarded for the Missouri Southern course. Remedial or support courses transfer to satisfy course prerequisites but do not count toward earned hours or GPA.

In cases where MSSU does not offer an equivalent course, the course will transfer as general elective credit. These courses are identified with the course subject of "ELEC" and a course number designating the level of credit at which the course was taken (100 or 200 = lower division, 300 or 400 = upper division). Courses designated as elective may occasionally be petitioned to count for specific requirements pending further review and department approval. If you have questions regarding the petition process, please contact your academic advisor.

Transfer credits are assigned lower- or upper-level credit based on the level at which the course was taken at the transfer institution, not the level of the course at MSSU. Credits from two-year colleges will be accepted for lower-level credit only. Students may receive course credit for a 300 or 400 level course, but the credit will not count toward the 40 hours of upper division credit required for the baccalaureate degree.

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