Focus Groups Start Search for Next President

Public focus groups helping the process move forward

The meeting of public focus groups took place at 3 - 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 3, and 11 a.m. - noon on Wednesday, Dec. 4, in Connor Ballroom at Billingsly Student Center.

The focus groups were asked to consider three questions:

• What traits, skills and experience should Missouri Southern look for in a presidential candidate?
• What should the vision be for the university, and what leadership qualities do you think will help us achieve that vision?
• What suggestions do you have for the search committee?

The forum was conducted via small-group discussions, with time limits on each topic.

"We're encouraged by the feedback we've received so far and we're ready to move this search forward," said Richard Walter, Chairman of the Missouri Southern Board of Governors. "We want to encourage everyone from the campus and community to attend these meetings and have a voice in the search."

Walter said the Board of Governors has appointed a search committee, a comprehensive group that will represent members of the campus and community.

The videos of the discussions that took place are made available to the public here.

For the Summation of the feedback you can download the focus group summation pdf.