Physical Plant

Procedures for Surplus Disposal

  • For the IT Department: Contact the IT Department and they will complete a Department Surplus Spreadsheet and send to Purchasing Department,
  • For all other Departments: Email Purchasing Department,, a complete listing with description, location and asset tag numbers, if any.
  • Purchasing will contact Physical Plant Secretary/Coordinator to enter a work order and make arrangements with department heads for the pickup of the items. At this time, Purchasing will notify the Financial Accountant in the Treasurer's office that the items to be surplussed had asset tags and give her the tag numbers. Once a work order has been made for the pickup on the items with asset tags, those items should be removed from the assets list.
  • Purchasing will confirm with Physical Plant and/or Department heads when items are available to be moved.
  • To insure that the items taken to surplus are secured until either re-distributed to another department on campus or properly disposed of, the Surplus Building will be secured. Anyone wishing to go into the surplus building will be required to contact either the Custodial Supervisor or the Director of Purchasing to be escorted to the building.
  • Purchasing will work with the Physical Plant to arrange for the proper disposal of surplus items and/or cleanup.
  • The Custodial Supervisor will maintain an Inventory list of items that can be reused elsewhere on campus so it will be available when requests come in.
  • The items in surplus will be disposed of via local disposal, on-line state surplus, Gov. Deals, sealed auction bid, or state recycling agreements.

Director of Purchasing ext. 9329
Director of Information Technology Services ext. 9807
Director of Physical Plant ext. 3191