Admissions Office

Core Requirements

Missouri high school students are encouraged to pursue a curriculum that will help prepare them for college coursework.

These requirements are as follows:

  • English.  4 units. Two units emphasizing composition or writing skills are required.  One unit may be speech or debate.
  • Mathematics. 3 units. These units must include Algebra I, Algebra ii, and Geometry. A fourth higher level mathematics course is strongly recommended.
  • Social Studies. 3 units. Courses should include United States history and courses selected from World History, Government, Geography and Economics.
  • Science. 2 units. General Science does not count. One unit must include a lab.  Biology, Physics, and Chemistry are strongly recommended.
  • Visual/Performing Arts.  1 unit.  Fine Arts courses include such areas as Visual Arts, Music, Dance or Theater.
  • Electives.  3 units. These may be selected from World Geography, higher level Mathematics, additional Science, Foreign Language. (If a language is chosen as an elective, the college recommends 2 units of the same language); advanced placement courses or a combination of the core courses listed above.
  • In addition, Freshman Math and English placement assessments must be completed at time of enrollment to ensure proper class placement.