MSSU Police Receive “Outstanding” Rating

October 12, 2012
Chief Kenneth Kennedy
JOPLIN, MO (SNS) – Kenneth Kennedy, Chief of the Police Force at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, recently received the results of the Quality Assurance Review (QAR) of his departments Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) procedures from the Department of Public Safety of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

The intent of the review was to assist the force at the University in complying with reporting requirements of Sections 43.505 and 43.545 RSMo, and to ensure that date collected in the state repository is safe and reliable.

Timothy P. McGrail, Captain, Criminal Justice Information Services Division of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, informed Kennedy that the Missouri Southern Police Force received an "Outstanding" rating.

"This rating reflects highly upon your agency and further shows your dedication to making this a viable program," McGrail said in a letter to Chief Kennedy.  "Through review findings, we can be assured that your agency is meeting all requirements of the program and that you are dedicated to making sure your data is complete, accurate, timely and reliable."
In August of this year, the Police Force at Missouri Southern reached a major milestone when all members of the force at the University became sworn police officers, rather than security guards.

A total of seven officers now serve on the MSSU Police Force.  All are Police Academy graduates and are fully qualified to assist members of the public, patrol the campus and investigate crimes.

Chief Kennedy came to MSSU after retiring from the Joplin Police Department.