Twister Safe, LLC Receives Rising Star Award

January 23, 2012

Contact: Karen Bradshaw
twister safe picJOPLIN, MO (SNS) - Twister Safe, LLC, owned by Enos Davis, Linda Davis, and Jeremy C. Davis, received the “2012 Rising Star of Innovation & Entrepreneurship” award from the Missouri Small Business & Technology Development Centers (MO SBTDC) at a banquet in Jefferson City, Mo. on Jan. 18. 

Pictured at left: Senator Ron Richard and Jennifer McKeough

Twister Safe, LLC participated in the 2012 MO SBTDC Client Showcase held at the Capitol rotunda on Jan. 19.  Jennifer McKeough, Director of Business Development for Twister Safe, (and daughter of Enos and Linda Davis) was presented with legislative resolutions from Senator Ron Richard (District 32) and Representative Bill Reiboldt (District 130).   Twister Safe, LLC was one of twenty two outstanding small businesses in Missouri who received the award sponsored by the MO SBTDC.

Karen Bradshaw, the Director of the MSSU Center for Entrepreneurship and SBTDC Consultant has provided operational and marketing advice to Twister Safe, LLC over the past several years. 

The slogan for Twister Safe, LLC is “Twister Safe – Saving Lives One Storm at a Time.”  Since the company was formed in 2004, that is exactly what it has accomplished by saving lives throughout “tornado alley” in the U.S.

During the May 22, 2011 tornado that cut a destructive path a mile wide through the cities of Joplin and Duquesne, Twister Safe storm shelters saved many lives.  There were homes that were reduced to rubble, but the Twister Safe storm shelters were standing undamaged, anchored to concrete, with their owners’ and their families’ safe inside.  (There were eight Twister Safe rooms involved in the May 22 tornado.)

Twister Safe manufactures all-steel above ground tornado storm shelters that can be installed inside a garage, a basement, or any place where the units can be mounted to a concrete slab per FEMA specifications.  The Twister Safe storm shelters have been Texas Tech Wind Science Research Department tested to withstand flying debris from an F5 tornado as specified by FEMA standards. 

Twister Safe, LLC is located at 9479 Gateway Drive, in Neosho, Mo.  Their phone number is 417.782.1039 or 888.782.1039; their email address is; and their website is .