Winter Commencement Saturday, Dec. 15

December 5, 2012
University Relations & Marketing
Commencement 2012JOPLIN, MO (SNS) – Commencement ceremonies at Missouri Southern State University were held at 10 a.m., Saturday, Dec. 15 in the Leggett & Platt Athletic Center/

Missouri Southern's 59th graduating class included 359 unduplicated students who received 389 total undergraduate degrees. 

Twenty-eight students received master's degrees.
Rod Smith, MSSU alumnus and  businessman and retired standout for the Denver Broncos, served as speaker for Winter Commencement.
MSSU's Book store in Billingsly Student Center was open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the purchase of Southern memorabilia, apparel and other items. Graduates and families were invited to shop in the new store before and after the graduation ceremony.
For the  convenience of graduates and their families, a Spirit Store was available near the main entrance of Leggett & Platt Athletic Center.
Commencement 2012Commencement ceremonies were aired live on KGCS-TV. KGCS programming may be seen over the air on channel 22. The station also appears on local cable television systems, including Cable One, Mediacom and Suddenlink. Graduates have been given forms to order DVD copies of the ceremony.
For information on DVDs, contact Judy Stiles at 417.625.9777 or e-mail
Scott  Farner, MS, Criminal Justice-SEMO
Christina L. Cullers, MBA, Business Administ -NWMSU
Commencement Message to Mommy 2012Aurora
Rosanne M. Johnson, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC
Cape Girardeau
Cierra  Simpson, MS, Criminal Justice-SEMO
Carl Junction
Roilynn R. Comer, MS, Criminal Justice-SEMO
Sarah A. Tilton, MBA, Business Administ -NWMSU
Fair Grove
Danielle M. Seiner, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC
Kathrine A. Corum, MS, MS in Dental Hyg-UMKC
Pamela L. Darnell, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC
Jennifer M. Smith, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC
Tami J. OHaver, MS, Criminal Justice-SEMO
Mt. Vernon
Mary A. Loftis, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC
Commencement 2012Neosho
Susan L. Carnagey, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC
Jamie L. Schooler, MS, Criminal Justice-SEMO
Leslie E. Yearta-Brown, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC
Christopher M. Carriger, MS, Criminal Justice-SEMO
Jennifer  Christy, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC
Carrie L. Lucas, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC
Elizabeth A. Bodine, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC
Cassidy N. Giebler, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC
Tisha K. Joplin, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC
Nicole V. Laurin, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC
Cherrie L. Lim, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC
Megan  Sapp, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC
Stephanie K. Voorhis, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC
Webb City
Bethany A. Lansaw, MSE, Instruct Tech-NMSU
Jared T. Prater, MS, Criminal Justice-SEMO
Teddy J. Woodmansee, MBA, Business Administ -NWMSU
Zizheng  Lou, BSBA, Accounting
Yang  You, BSBA, Accounting
Road Town, Tortola
Dennise  Prince, BSBA, Management
Tashel  Martin, BSBA, Fin/Econ-Finance Conc
Joey A. Caulk, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Joey A. Caulk, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Bella Vista
Kevin G. Bujarski, BSBA, Fin/Econ-Pers Fin Pln
Sarah J. Fischer, BSE, Secondary Ed-Eng 9-12
Jennifer L. Kirk, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Christopher P. Plybon, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Christopher P. Plybon, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Felicia  Plybon, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Felicia  Plybon, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Ryan L. Adams, BS, Sociology
Jesus B. Barron, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Jesus B. Barron, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Edward R. Turner, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Meagan R. Morrison, BS, Communication-Public Rela
Mark A. Smith, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Mark A. Smith, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Jimmy D. Blair, BS, Health Science
Simi Valley
Shakila L. Balkhi, BS, Environmental Hlth
Tabitha R. Rimmer, BSBA, Accounting
Webster City
Harrison D. Gerber, BSBA, Management
Harrison D. Gerber, BSBA, Marketing
Cody W. Griebling, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Cody W. Griebling, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Fort Scott
Bradley L. Matkin, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Overland Park
Julie A. Carmack, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Julie A. Carmack, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Ryan M. Freeman, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt B
Tara J. Midence, BSBA, Marketing
Grant M. Conrad, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Jennifer D. Blevins, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Gayla D. Booth, BSBA, International Business
Gayla D. Booth, BSBA, Marketing
Melanie R. Bowers, BSE, Sec Ed-Phys Ed {K-12}
Alana N. Howard, BS, Biology-PhysOccup Thpy
Jessica L. McCool, BS, Biology-Preprof-Vet
Brett N. Higgins, BS, Health Science
Ash Grove
Justin S. Coale, BS, Communications-Mass
Peter R. Rogers, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Peter R. Rogers, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Valerie A. Gilmartin, BSBA, Accounting
John R. Mitchell, BSE, El Ed (1-6) Sp Ed {K-12}
Russell H. Mullins, BS, CIS-Info Technology
Blue Springs
Katlyn A. Miller, BSE, Sec Ed-Phys Ed {K-12}
Bois D Arc
Chad E. Eutsler, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Chad E. Eutsler, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Shelby N. Beach, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Amber N. Brundridge, BS, Health Science
Paula M. Havens, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Paula M. Havens, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
George W. Turner, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt B
Carl Junction
Brandi L. Achey, BS, Health Science
Brandi L. Achey, BSBA, Accounting
Alisha R. Bryant, BSBA, Internat'l Business CGBP
Lauren D. Cohenour, BA, English-Prof/Tech Writ
Tammy L. Cupp, BS, Psychology
Samuel C. Haag, BSBA, Accounting
Jordan L. Hackney, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Jordan L. Hackney, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Morgan R. Howard, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Jeffrey A. Moore, BSBA, Accounting
Debbie L. Richardson, BSBA, Management
Timothy A. Wilkins, BS, CIS-Info Technology
Timothy A. Wilkins, AS, CIS-Info Systems
Megumi  Yorozu, BA, Communication-Public Rela
Amelia K. Carpenter, BA, English-Prof/Tech Writ
Justina J. Clopton, BSE, Mid School-Soc Stu Mth
Clancy J. Allmoslecher, BS, Hlth Promotion & Wellness
Brenna K. Barksdale, BSE, Sec Ed-Soc & Pol Sci 9-12
Rito A. Barrios, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Shelby N. Baugh, BS, Biology-Preprof-Optom
Mark A. Capps, BS, Industrial Engineer Tech
Mark A. Capps, AS, Comp Asst Manufac
Kyle A. Danielson, AS, DDET-DraftingDesignEngTech
Sandra K. Ellefsen, BA, History
Robin J. Frink, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Robin J. Frink, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Nicole C. Green, BSE, Elementary Ed-Math
Nicole R. Hurlbut, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Jennifer N. Landburg, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Brenda K. McDaniel, BSBA, Management
Andrew F. Pennington, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Elizabeth R. Roberts, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Teresa M. Spruce, BS, Environmental Hlth
Craig A. Stark, BSBA, Accounting
Michael A. Valenti, AS, CIS-Info Systems
Michael A. Valenti, BS, CIS-Info Technology
Joe B. Cavness, BSE, Sec Ed-Phys Ed {K-12}
Jennifer L. McFarland, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Jennifer L. McFarland, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt B
Tia R. Brod, BS, Health Science
Daniel D. Bernhardt, BSBA, Marketing
Caitlin D. Carter, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Jessica L. Poindexter, BS, Health Science
Kimberly A. Rea, BSBA, Marketing
Randi J. Russell, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Eagle Rock
Robert N. Cooper, BA, History
El Dorado Springs
Emily D. Leonard, BS, Health Science
Brett R. Nelson, AS, CIS-Info Systems
Brett R. Nelson, BS, Math/CIS-ComputationalMath
Brett R. Nelson, BS, CIS/Math-ComputationalMath
Heather D. Senseney, BSE, Secondary Ed-Eng 9-12
John A. Neff, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Golden City
Gabriela D. Heath, BS, Communication-Public Rela
Angela L. Cossou, BSBA, Human ResourceManagement
Frank A. Forsythe, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Frank A. Forsythe, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Helen J. Hale, BS, Biology-Preprof-Vet
Kaisha K. Kline, BS, Biology-Gen Bio or Und
Breanna M. Cook, BS, Biology-Gen Bio or Und
Jerod K. Durham, BSBA, Marketing
Ashley N. Oechsle, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Fabian A. Oechsle, BS, Biology-Preprof-Med
Amanda N. Pachlhofer, BS, Communication-Public Rela
Jessica B. Wright, BS, Health Science
David J. Hall, BSBA, Management
Bernard D. Stanley, BSBA, Marketing
Jed G. Bennett, BSE, Secondary Ed-Art {K-12}
Jamie N. Cox, BS, Sociology
Ashley A. Greenlee, BS, Health Science
Keith J. Adams, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Sara T. Adcock, BSE, Secondary Ed-Eng 9-12
William W. Aldridge, BSBA, Management
Morgan Y. Amayo, BS, Biology-Preprof-Med
Roger L. Anderson, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Sheryl E. Arambula, BS, Biology-Btch Mic Gen
Jared J. Aubert, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Jared J. Aubert, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Jessica L. Baker, BSBA, Management
Christopher C. Barge, BSBA, General Business
Grant E. Bosworth, BSBA, General Business
Jared T. Boyd, BSBA, Accounting
Kate M. Brinks, BSE, Elementary Ed-Music
Corey D. Brooks, BSE, Mid Sch-Social Studies
Kelly E. Burgess, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Tyler J. Burgess, AS, CIS-Info Systems
Tyler J. Burgess, BS, CIS-Info Systems w/GenBusMinor
Danielle B. Busch, BS, Health Science
Melissa J. Bush, BS, Health Science
Karen R. Byrns, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Andres N. Carlos Garcia, BA, Spanish
Jonathan L. Carter, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Preston T. Choate, AS, CIS-Info Systems
Preston T. Choate, BS, CIS-Info Technology
Cejay N. Churchwell, BSBA, Management
Vicente E. Clemons, BA, English-Lit Studies
Vicente E. Clemons, BA, History
Meghan M. Colvard, BS, Biology-Gen Bio or Und
Shaun J. Conroy, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Erin B. Crawford, BSBA, Accounting
Danielle E. Crosthwait, BSBA, General Business
Alisha B. Culbertson, BS, Communications-Mass
Kathryn B. Culbertson, BS, Biology-Preprof-Med
Paige N. Curry, BS, Biology-PhysOccup Thpy
Kayla R. Davis, BS, Biology-PhysOccup Thpy
Robert E. Day, BS, Biochemistry
Myrna M. Drawdy, BS, Juvenile Justice
Regina L. Drum, BSBA, General Business
Jessie  Ferguson, BSBA, Accounting
Anthony J. Ficken, BSE, Sec Ed-Soc Sci-Soclgy9-12
Samantha D. Ficken, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Amanda C. Garrison, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Leandro G. Germiniani, BSBA, Marketing
Leandro G. Germiniani, BSBA, International Business
Christian D. Gilbreth, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Larrita R. Gipson, BA, Communication-Public Rela
Kwinna M. Glades, BS, Communication-Public Rela
Laura R. Guinn, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Crystal D. Hagee, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Crystal D. Hagee, AS, CIS-Info Systems
Crystal D. Hagee, BS, CrimJustAd/CIS-Comp Foren
Crystal D. Hagee, BS, CIS/CrimJustAdm-Comp Foren
Nicole A. Harger, BA, English-General Writing
Benjamin D. Harrison, BA, English-General Writing
Sarah M. Hauck, BSE, E Ed-Erly Ch {Birth-3}
David M. Havely, BA, German
David M. Havely, BA, Music
Steven M. Havely, BS, CIS-Info Technology
Steven M. Havely, AS, CIS-Info Systems
Valerie A. Henson, BS, Juvenile Justice
Christian A. Hernandez, BA, Spanish
Amber R. Hoffman, BSE, Mid Sch-Math
Mallory E. Hoskins, BSE, Secondary Ed-Vocal K-12
Aneliya H. Hristova, BS, Biology-Preprof-Med
Brooke A. Hurley, BS, Health Science
Mortez S. Jackson, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Mortez S. Jackson, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Leann M. Jennings, BSBA, Fin/Econ-Finance Conc
Heather L. Johnson, BSE, Secondary Ed-Eng 9-12
Nathan C. Jordan, BS, Mathematics
Nathan C. Jordan, BS, CIS/Math-ComputationalMath
Nathan C. Jordan, AS, CIS-Info Systems
Alicia J. Kane, BS, Chemistry
George R. Keeler, BS, Biology-Ecol Mar Cons
Jackie M. Kennedy, BSBA, Management
Lester  Kline, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Ashley J. Knox, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Alan M. Lamar, BS, Math/CIS-ComputationalMath
Alan M. Lamar, BS, CIS/Math-ComputationalMath
Alan M. Lamar, AS, CIS-Info Systems
Addison S. Langford, BA, Communication-Mass
Jessica R. Laurance, BS, Psychology
Tammy L. Laver, BSBA, General Business
Rosemarie A. Looney, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Jared S. Malcolm, AS, CIS-Info Systems
Ivan R. Mareth, BSBA, Marketing
Kylie M. Mareth, BS, Juvenile Justice
Kylie M. Mareth, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Amanda D. Martin, BSBA, Accounting
Ashley K. Meeks, BSE, Mid Sch-Social Studies
Nathan T. Mills, BA, Communication-Mass
Kody K. Morgan, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Kody K. Morgan, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Austin R. Morris, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Samantha J. Murphy, BSBA, Accounting
Kathryn A. Nicodemus, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Cindy G. Olds, BSBA, Accounting
Grant S. Ousley, BS, Psychology
Karan P. Patel, BS, Chemistry
Theresa L. Phelps, BS, Health Science
Chelsea E. Phillips, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Jason S. Putnam, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Jason S. Putnam, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Catherine A. Ramoly, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Catherine A. Ramoly, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt B
Jacob T. Reed, BS, Biology-Btch Mic Gen
Kendra D. Robinson, BSBA, Accounting
Meghan E. Roth, BS, Health Science
Shaun N. Runyon, BS, CIS-Info Systems w/GenBusMinor
Kaci M. Scribner, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Kaci M. Scribner, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Morgan E. Secrist, BSBA, Accounting
Nathan D. Seward, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Kylie A. Shellenbarger, BSBA, International Business
Robert W. Shields, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Robert W. Shields, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Lee A. Shouse, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Lee A. Shouse, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Logan J. Simon, BSE, Secondary Ed-Bus 9-12
Logan J. Simon, BSBA, Management
Aaryn B. Smith, BS, Biology-Gen Bio or Und
Jessica L. Smith, BA, English-Lit Studies
Zachary T. Smith, BS, Industrial Engineer Tech
Zachary T. Smith, AS, Comp Asst Manufac
Sandra L. Soles, BS, Health Science
Kendra D. Sparlin, BA, Music
Robert W. Sprinkle, BS, Environmental Hlth
Nathan S. Stanley, BS, Communications-Mass
Stacie R. Steinbach, BS, Psychology
Heather C. Tatterfield, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Barbra J. Trevarrow, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Ashli M. Turner, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Ashli M. Turner, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Megan R. Vest, BA, Psychology
Denise A. Waack, BA, English-Lit Studies
Melissa J. Waldo, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Brandon A. Weaver, AS, CIS-Info Systems
Brandon A. Weaver, BS, CIS-Info Systems w/GenBusMinor
Carly A. Welch, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Calen J. White, BS, Communication-Public Rela
Michelle A. Winfrey, BS, Communication-Public Rela
Daniel R. Woodruff, BS, Industrial Engineer Tech
Daniel R. Woodruff, AS, Comp Asst Manufac
Daniel M. Wright, BSBA, Marketing
Daniel M. Wright, BSBA, Management
Kansas City
Kelsey A. Jensen, BA, International Studies
April M. Testman, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Geriann M. Boyd, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Hannah M. Haag, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Julie L. Hagen, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Julie L. Hagen, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Chelsea B. Haubein, BS, Psychology
Devon M. Nixon, BS, Political Science
Lee's Summit
Megan E. Stueve, BSBA, Marketing
Shery A. Hill, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Shery A. Hill, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Daniel R. Head, BSBA, Marketing
John W. Verstraete, BS, Political Science
Hannah M. Crain, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Hannah M. Crain, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Mount Vernon
Ashton C. Botts, BSE, Mid Sch-Math
Sherilyn J. Merritt, BS, Health Science
Mt. Vernon
Ronald L. Weldy, BSE, Mid Sch-Math
Michelle A. Balls, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Chris R. Bevis, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Chris R. Bevis, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Samantha J. Bevis, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Lisa A. Bratzler, BSBA, Accounting
Lisa A. Bratzler, BSBA, Management
James J. Brown, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
James J. Brown, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Shannon A. Crosswhite, BA, English-Lit Studies
Elizabeth M. Foster, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Brandon L. Jessip, BSBA, International Business
Abbigail E. Madsen, BSBA, Accounting
Gabrielle M. Markovich, BS, Communication-Public Rela
Lacey C. McDannald, BS, Psychology
Jada R. Moore, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Adam B. Padilla, BS, Communications-Mass
Stacy S. Pelep, BSBA, Accounting
Carla D. Pero, BS, Psychology
Zachary T. Shockey, BSE, Sec Ed-Soc Sci/History 9-12BSE
Jason D. Woodward, BSE, Sec Ed-Soc Sci/History 9-12BSE
Tia  Yang, BS, Psychology
Jerimiah E. Jones, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Michael A. LaCurtis, BS, Sociology
Sarah N. Forste, BS, Health Science
Roger B. Grimes, BS, CIS-Info Technology
Roger B. Grimes, AS, CIS-Info Systems
Brandon L. Morris, BS, Biology-Ecol Mar Cons
Kristen A. Murphy, BS, Communication-Public Rela
KaLee A. Wisner, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Pierce City
Melissa A. Creed, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Diana S. Donaldson, BS, Sociology
Melissa K. Mayes, BSBA, Management
Melissa K. Mayes, BSBA, Human ResourceManagement
Joel A. Ellis, BSBA, Human ResourceManagement
James E. Hall, BS, CIS-Info Systems w/GenBusMinor
Poplar Bluff
Brooke N. Talkington, BS, Health Science
Chelsea M. LaNore, BSE, Secondary Ed-Vocal K-12
Ashley B. Linebarger, BS, Communication-Public Rela
Meghan L. Culver, BSBA, Human ResourceManagement
Kristen M. Epperson, BSBA, Accounting
Ronald L. Leiser, BSE, Mid Sch-Math
Jenny A. Jacobs, BS, Health Science
Karen D. Blumenthal, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Saint Clair
Allyson E. Benkert, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Shenoah B. Norem, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Schell City
Christanne C. Gayman, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Summer B. Stephens, BS, Biology-PhysOccup Thpy
Morgan N. Chenoweth, BS, Biology-Gen Bio or Und
Rowdy T. Harris, BSBA, Management
Susanna E. Heyer, BSBA, Accounting
Deborah A. Smith, BSBA, Accounting
Jacob R. Woodward, BSE, Sec Ed-Phys Ed {K-12}
Krystle D. Powell, BS, Health Science
Corey R. Fields, BSBA, Accounting
Joshua G. Flood, BSBA, Accounting
Jennifer N. Kopp, BS, Health Science
Elin M. Skei, BS, Communications-Mass
Gary S. Wildschuetz, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
St James
Heath M. Brown, BSBA, Accounting
St. Joseph
Lindy J. Robertson, BS, Health Science
Stark City
Katherine A. Ray, BS, Medical Tech
Tabitha A. Taylor, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Tabitha A. Taylor, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Webb City
Carrie J. Allen, BSBA, Accounting
Zachary T. Anderson, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Zachary T. Anderson, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Matthew A. Back, BS, Biology-Btch Mic Gen
Kristen D. Box, BS, Biology-Gen Bio or Und
Kayla B. Boyd, BS, Psychology
Audrey J. Buckland, BS, Biochemistry
Tia D. Evenson, BS, Hlth Promotion & Wellness
Cassy R. Grover, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Diane L. Hartman, BS, Health Science
Kayla N. Janson, BS, Mathematics
Nathan R. Janssen, BA, Communication-Mass
Audrey L. Johnson, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies
Tammy J. Kabala, BSBA, Management
Tammy J. Kabala, BSBA, Human ResourceManagement
Belinda C. Kirkland, BA, Sociology
Rachel N. Martin, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Abby S. McBee, BSBA, Marketing
Abby S. McBee, BSBA, Management
Aaron C. Pirtle, BA, International Studies
Daniel J. Putt, BS, Hlth Promotion & Wellness
Addi R. Robertson, BSBA, Marketing
Jessica M. Schupbach, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Jessica M. Schupbach, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Gwendolyn S. Seaman, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Malachi J. Sjorlund, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Malachi J. Sjorlund, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt B
Elreo L. Smith, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Paula J. Stanley, BSBA, Accounting
Jordan E. Toscano, BSE, E Ed-Erly Ch {Birth-3}
Kristine  Westwood, BSE, Secondary Ed-Art {K-12}
Michael C. Woodruff, BS, Communications-Mass
Justin J. Remmers, BS, Biology-Gen Bio or Und
Patrick E. Deao, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Patrick E. Deao, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Earl J. Lee, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
John A. Daugherty, BS, Industrial Engineer Tech
John A. Daugherty, AS, Comp Asst Manufac
Jeremy D. Huston, BSBA, General Business
Janean K. Manning, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies
Leah J. Ray, BSBA, Accounting
Jesicca J. Williams, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A
Jesicca J. Williams, BS, Criminal Justice Adm
Sonya Y. Howard, BS, Sociology
Corpus Christi
Ashley D. Gardner, BSBA, Management
Jessica L. Bean, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies