New Satellite Dish Installed at MSSU

November 17, 2011

CONTACT: Jeff Skibbe

satellite dish JOPLIN, MO (SNS) - Some heavy lifting was definitely in order in the third week of November as workmen installed a new satellite downlink dish for 88.7KXMS/Fine Arts Radio International on the campus of Missouri Southern State University.

Jeff Skibbe, General Manager of 88.7KXMS, says the new satellite downlink dish replaces a 25-year-old dish originally provided by the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. 

Skibbe says the dishes weigh about 500 pounds and gravity eventually causes deformation in the shape. Over time, sagging affects the ability of the dish to collect and focus enough of the radio frequency (RF) signal collected by the receiver cone on front of the center of the dish.

Every year, Joplin experiences a couple of heavy snow falls than can obstruct the signal. A new dish cover made of vinyl will be a new feature that will prevent snow build-up from disrupting programming.  

Skibbe says KXMS' listening audience may notice a greater consistency of signal, unaffected by wind or other bad weather. 

He says the replacement project has been achieved with the great cooperation of NPR and PRSS (Public Radio Satellite Service).

"We have an agreement with NPR that defrays most of the cost of the project, making the installation possible in these tight budget years," Skibbe comments.

"The new satellite dish and receivers are a nice capstone to our 25th anniversary celebration this year," Skibbe adds.