Joplin High Working with MSSU for Sports FacilitiesUse

July 20, 2011
Kim Vann, Director of Community Development
Joplin Schools Operations Center
JOPLIN, MO (SNS) - Joplin High School is working with Missouri Southern State University to coordinate the use of needed facilities for Joplin High School practices and games during the fall and winter seasons. JHS football practices and games will continue at Junge Stadium, which was undamaged by the storm.
“Our relationship with Missouri Southern prior to and since the disaster has been a benefit to the high school and the city of Joplin,” comments Jeff Starkweather, Joplin High School Athletic Director.
“We are fortunate that MSSU has the facilities, the flexibility and the willingness to work with us at this time.”
MSSU has provided facilities for Joplin Schools for events such as high school graduation and Bright Futures gatherings.
“We understand the pressure the high school is under as fall approaches and we are very pleased to be able to provide venues for these athletic programs and any other needs the high school has during this rebuilding process,” MSSU President Dr. Bruce W. Speck stated.
Jared Bruggeman, MSSU Athletics Director, said the two institutions are working out details with special consideration given to National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) regulations and requirements.
“Their students have suffered enough,” states Bruggeman. “We hope that by making our facilities accessible, they can focus on having successful and fun sports seasons. We are continuing to work as
necessary with the NCAA to make sure we follow guidelines and file the proper waivers to make this happen.
"Our coaches have been very understanding of the tough situation the JHS teams are in and have been flexible with their schedules," Bruggeman continues. "By all working together, we can make sure everyone has the facilities to play and practice this upcoming school year.”
For further information, contact Kim Vann, Director of Community Development at the Joplin Schools Operations Center, at 417.438.4887.