Winter Commencement Saturday, Dec. 17

December 14, 2011

CONTACT: Cheryl Dobson, Registrar

JOPLIN, MO (SNS) – Commencement ceremonies at Missouri Southern State University will be held at 10 a.m., Saturday, Dec. 17 in the Leggett & Platt Athletic Center.

Missouri Southern's 57th graduating class will include 333 unduplicated students receiving 408 total degrees, plus 31 graduate degrees.

A total of 19 master’s degrees in Nursing, eight master’s degrees in Criminal Justice, three MBAs and one master’s degree in Education will be awarded.

Graduates represent 13 U.S. states and seven countries.

Tod R. Massa, Director, Policy Research and Data Warehousing for the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, will serve as the speaker for Winter Commencement.

MSSU's Book store in Billingsly Student Center will be open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the purchase of Southern memorabilia, apparel and other items. Graduates and families are invited to shop in the new store before and after the graduation ceremony.

Commencement ceremonies will air live on KGCS-TV. KGCS programming may be seen over the air on channel 22. The station also appears on local cable television systems, including Cable One, Mediacom and Suddenlink. Graduates have been given forms to order DVD copies of the ceremony.

For information on DVDs, contact Judy Stiles at 417.625.9777 or e-mail


Graduate Degrees (Course and student)



Jeffrey L. Nichols, MS, Criminal Justice-SEMO



Joshua T. Shadwick, MS, Criminal Justice-SEMO



Joseph E. Lutes, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC

Cape Girardeau

Mark Unterreiner, MS, Criminal Justice-SEMO


Abigail M. Prater, MBA, Business Administ -NWMSU


Teri Lawson, MS, Criminal Justice-SEMO


Diane Tremain, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC


Meghan E. Murbarger, MS, Criminal Justice-SEMO


Katherine M. Baker, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC

Ashley J. Barton, MS, Criminal Justice-SEMO

Daniel Z. Holden, MSE, Instruct Tech-NMSU

Mitchell D. Randles, MBA, Business Administ -NWMSU

Thad L. Taylor, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC

Erik S. Wright, MBA, Business Administ -NWMSU


Tracy L. Parker, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC

Mountain Grove

Christy L. Bramwell, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC


Melissa D. Hitchcock, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC


Faith R. Simmons, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC

Bethany A. Woods, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC


Cassandra B. Cole, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC


Christopher M. Carriger, MS, Criminal Justice-SEMO


Kelly Smothers, MS, Criminal Justice-SEMO


Shana C. Holman, MS, Criminal Justice-SEMO

Tracy L. Lowry, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC


Laci M. Claussen, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC

Maria D. Hopper, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC

Kristin L. Schulte, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC

Ven Vu, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC

Webb City

Carey S. Smith, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC

Kortni R. Snook, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC


Broken Arrow

Kisha Farrell, MSN, MS in Nursing-UMKC

Undergraduate degrees (Course and student)


Delia C. Jon Baptiste, BSBA, Management

Dennise Prince, BSBA, Management



Joey A. Caulk, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Joey A. Caulk, BS, Criminal Justice Adm


Bella Vista

Angela M. Tingblad, BSBA, Accounting

Nathan L. Tucker, BS, Criminal Justice Adm


Emily D. Ferry, BSBA, Marketing

Bradley R. Garrett, BA, Spanish

Shannon M. Miller, BSBA, Accounting


Stacy L. Taliaferro, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Stacy L. Taliaferro, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A


Jeremy D. Whittle, BSE, Sec Ed-Phys Ed {K-12}


Amber D. Taylor, BSBA, Management



Rosita R. Link, BA, Art-Studio



Devin F. Cooper, BSBA, Human Resource Management

Devin F. Cooper, BSBA, Accounting

Devin F. Cooper, BSBA, Marketing



Mary-Claire Jennings, BSBA, Management


Fort Scott

Cynthia A. Hereford, BSBA, Management


Christopher K. DeGraff, BSBA, Management

Alison N. Jarvis, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies

Jessica N. McGinnis, BS, Justice Studies

Lauren L. Miller, BS, Psychology

Latausha N. Reed, BS, Psychology


Nicole M. Nelson, BS, Health Science


Marsha A. Royer, BSBA, Accounting


Axel R. Fust, BA, English-Lit Studies


Ryan C. Mosburg, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Ryan C. Mosburg, BS, Criminal Justice Adm


Kiyomi Griess, BSBA, General Business


Nicole R. Braddy, BS, Health Science


Charlene M. Bolinger, BSBA, Accounting


Katherine A. Inman, BA, Communication-Mass



Julee A. Bausinger, BSBA, Accounting

Sherry L. Lemm, BSBA, Marketing

Austin G. Spears, BS, Criminal Justice Adm


Christopher S. White, BS, Environmental Hlth


Kelly L. Foster, BSE, Secondary Ed-Biology 9-12


Gary D. Evans, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Sarah E. Golubski, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies


Teri S. Tatum, BSBA, Accounting

Carl Junction

Jennie M. Brown, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Jennie M. Brown, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Adam L. Bryant, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Adam L. Bryant, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Vickie J. Burke, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies

Samuel B. Morris, BSBA, Marketing

Daniel C. Owen, BSE, Mid Sch-Math

Marileigh G. Prigmore, BA, English-Lit Studies

Lane T. Vogt, BSBA, General Business

Jessica D. Worden, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Jessica D. Worden, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Jessica K. Yates, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies


James A. Cokeley, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Courtney A. Fonseca, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Courtney A. Fonseca, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Cindy G. Myers, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies

Jeffrey R. Pinnell, BS, Communications-Mass

Tara N. Robinson, BS, Biology-Gen Bio or Und


Joseph S. Abbiatti, BS, Health Science

John M. Banks, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

John M. Banks, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Deidrick M. Beckett, BSBA, Management

Amanda J. Betts, BSE, Sec Ed-Soc Sci-Soclgy9-12

Darlene M. Bowen, BS, Psychology

John P. Browder, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Kara M. Burns, BSBA, Human ResourceManagement

Kara M. Burns, BSBA, Marketing

Ashley L. Butler, BSE, Secondary Ed-Eng 9-12

Mario E. Cabrera, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Mario E. Cabrera, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Wendy A. Carr, BS, Psychology

Ashley N. Childs, BSBA, Accounting

Bradley R. Fields, BS, Physics

Louie W. Griffey, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Ashley D. Hurlbut, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies

Mark D. Lingenfelter, BSE, Sec Ed-Soc Sci/History 9-12BSE

Jonathan A. Murphy, BSBA, Management

Karen S. Paulino, BA, Psychology

Erick D. Studyvin, BS, Biology-Preprof-Pharm

Brianna G. Tunnell, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Brianna G. Tunnell, AS, CIS-Info Systems

Sarah N. West, BS, Health Science

Andrew R. Wright, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt B

Andrew R. Wright, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Catherine M. Zellmer, BA, History


Scott E. Shorter, BS, Mathematics

Christopher W. Stephens, BSBA, Accounting


Kelly N. Burrough, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies

Jessica M. Hertwig, BSE, E Ed-Erly Ch {Birth-3}


Brandon S. Bellegarde, BSBA, General Business

Jennifer L. Murphy, BS, Communication-Public Rela

Christina E. Vice, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Christina E. Vice, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Kima L. Montgomery, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Kima L. Montgomery, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

El Dorado Springs

Kellen Hoover, BSE, Sec Ed-Phys Ed {K-12}

Tabatha M. Leak, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies


Jeremiah L. Stutman, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Jeremiah L. Stutman, BS, Criminal Justice Adm


Keisha R. Donnel, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Keisha R. Donnel, BS, Criminal Justice Adm


Severin E. Krautmann, BSE, Sec Ed-Ind Tech {9-12}

Holts Summit

Cortney A. Yount, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Jefferson City

Megan A. Moser, BS, Psychology


Melanie S. Akuna, BS, Biology-Preprof-Med

Kimberly R. Anderson, BSBA, Management

Lisa M. Barry, BS, Biology-Gen Bio or Und

Justice M. Berry, BS, Industrial Engineer Tech

Chelsey J. Bickett, BSBA, Marketing

Cassie L. Billings, BSBA, Marketing

Brian D. Black, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Brian D. Black, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Joseph R. Blaylock, BS, Mathematics

John N. Bowers, BSBA, Accounting

John N. Bowers, BSBA, Management

Rachel P. Bowyer, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Patrick A. Braeckel, AS, CADD-Engineer Tech

Amber E. Bresee, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Crystal Bush, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Karissa M. Busse, BS, Health Science

Levi J. Butts, BA, Spanish

Jun Jun Chen, BSBA, Accounting

Caley A. Churchwell, BSBA, Accounting

Taylor B. Clements, BS, Biochemistry

Andrea N. Cochenour, BS, Sociology

Ryan L. Combs, BSBA, Management

Ryan L. Combs, BSBA, Marketing

Jessica Currier, BS, Communication-Speech

Sarah E. Demint, BA, History

Jason L. Denton, BS, CIS-Info Technology

Jason L. Denton, AS, CIS-Info Systems

Dina Deplat, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Aaron M. DuRall, BS, Communication-Public Rela

Aaron M. DuRall, BS, Communication-Public Rela

Ryan C. Eddy, BSBA, Fin/Econ-Finance Conc

Charles D. Edgington, AS, Comp Asst Manufac

Charles D. Edgington, BS, Industrial Engineer Tech

Josh R. Emerson, BSBA, Marketing

Josh R. Emerson, BSBA, International Business

Jamie M. Engh, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Katrina J. Farmer, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Katrina J. Farmer, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Jenna Y. Foster, BA, English-Prof/Tech Writ

Joshua E. Freeman, BA, Sociology

Samantha L. Freer, BSBA, Accounting

Fei Gao, BSBA, Accounting

Ryan J. Garoutte, BSBA, Human ResourceManagement

Lisha M. Gibson, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Amanda K. Giebler, BS, Sociology

Stephen N. Glenn, BA, Spanish

Amanda M. Goodwin, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies

Susan M. Groth, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Victor D. Hanks, BSBA, Marketing

Lauren M. Hasty, BS, Hlth Promotion & Wellness

Dana L. Hernandez-Strick, BS, Health Science

Ashley K. Hild, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Amanda L. Hobbs, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Mary S. Holcombe, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Mary S. Holcombe, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Patrick A. Hoskins, BSBA, Marketing

Cassie S. Hutchison, BS, Communication-Public Rela

Helen L. Johnson, BSBA, Accounting

Jessica N. Johnson, BS, Environmental Hlth

Jake R. Johnston, BS, Biology-PhysOccup Thpy

Spenser A. Johnston, BS, Psychology

Jamie A. Jones, BS, Psychology

Latice M. Jones, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Amin Kajani, BSBA, Marketing

Anna A. Klass, BS, Biochemistry

Shinobu Koide, BSBA, Accounting

Molly E. Kruse, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies

Xi Kun, BSBA, Fin/Econ-Finance Conc

Stacey M. Kunce, BSE, E Ed-Erly Ch {Birth-3}

Carter D. Lance, BSE, Secondary Ed-Bus 9-12

Rhonda L. Lawrence, BSBA, Management

Amanda S. Lee, BSBA, General Business

Michelle N. Martin, BSBA, Marketing

Michelle N. Martin, BSBA, Internat'l Business CGBP

Jeff McAuliff, BSBA, Management

Kalee N. McFadden, BA, International Studies

Bradley R. McIntyre, BSBA, General Business

Katie E. Millard, BSE, E Ed-Erly Ch {Birth-3}

Hope K. Miller, BSE, Secondary Ed-Vocal K-12

Sarah E. Miller, BS, Sociology

Loveta D. Mitchell, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies

Shanti L. Navarre, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Huyen-Thi H. Nguyen, BSBA, International Business

Angela R. Parrish, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies

Andrew D. Pavlovic, BS, Communications-Mass

Darren J. Pearce, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Darren J. Pearce, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Emily E. Peterson, BA, Spanish

Russell G. Peterson, BSBA, General Business

Candy L. Phelps, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Candy L. Phelps, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Cara D. Pier, BSE, Mid Sch-Eng/Math {5-9}

Kendra R. Points, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies

David L. Prater, BSBA, Accounting

Emilio A. Quezada, BS, Environmental Hlth

Jay D. Ross, BSBA, Fin/Econ-CertFinMgt

Nikki S. Rush, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Nikki S. Rush, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Natalie Samayoa, BS, Biochemistry

Chelsea A. Samuel, BSE, Sec Ed-Piano-Inst K-12

Ian G. Saxton, BS, Environmental Hlth

Jordon A. Schultz, BS, Communications-Mass

Greg D. Sharkey, BS, Mathematics

Jared W. Shaw, BS, CIS-Info Technology

Jared W. Shaw, AS, CIS-Info Systems

Rafael H. Silva, BSBA, International Business

Caitlan M. Smith, BA, International Studies

Cindy M. Smith, BS, Health Science

Jessica L. Smith, BA, English-Lit Studies

Luke J. Smith, BA, English-General Writing

Luke J. Smith, BA, English-Lit Studies

Tina M. Smith, BSBA, Human ResourceManagement

Courtney E. Snow, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Jacob E. Srigley, BSE, Sec Ed-Soc Sci-Soclgy9-12

Zane C. Stair, BA, Art-Studio

Erin E. Stewart, BA, English-Lit Studies

Alice M. Stiles, BSBA, Management

Alice M. Stiles, BSBA, Marketing

Michael S. Sullivan, BS, Communications-Mass

Jeffrey A. Swift, BGS, English-Prof/Tech Writ

Rebecca L. Talkington, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Rebecca L. Talkington, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Daniel E. Testerman, BS, CIS-Info Technology

Daniel E. Testerman, AS, CIS-Info Systems

Caleb B. Tinker, BS, Communications-Mass

Duong H. Tran, BS, Biology-Preprof-Pharm

Summer B. Treece, BSE, Secondary Ed-Eng 9-12

Jordyn R. Triboulet, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Ariana E. Valade, BSBA, General Business

James L. Voegeli, BS, Industrial Engineer Tech

James L. Voegeli, AS, Comp Asst Manufac

Jamison R. Watson, BSBA, Management

Tracy A. Webb, BS, Communications-Mass

Benjamin R. Whetstone, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

James A. Willis, BSBA, Marketing

Kevin M. Wright, BSBA, Management

Scott P. Yount, BA, English-General Writing

Kansas City

William A. Baker, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

William A. Baker, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Nicole L. Hale, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Anna M. Hawes, BA, International Studies

Bradley L. Rains, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Bradley L. Rains, BS, Criminal Justice Adm


Ashley E. DeWitt, BS, Health Science

Krystal E. Engelbrecht, BSBA, Accounting

Jean C. Jeffries, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Jean C. Jeffries, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Harel R. Lawrence, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Jamie D. Pashia, BSE, E Ed-Erly Ch {Birth-3}

Michelle D. Roehrs, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Lees Summit

Kimberlee Boman, BSBA, Marketing


Kerry D. Rose, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies


Ellen L. Cameron Rice, BSBA, Marketing

Gideon C. Ocheltree, BA, Psychology

Loma Linda

Jennifer M. Spaulding, BS, Psychology



Julie R. Hayes, BS, Health Science



Jamison J. Canady, BA, Art-Graphic

Jamison J. Canady, BA, Art-Studio

Leo H. Eggert, BSBA, Management

Michelle F. Eggert, BSBA, Management

Stefanie N. Pierce, AS, CIS-Info Systems

Stefanie N. Pierce, BS, CIS-Info Technology

Chee N. Xiong, BS, Psychology


Caleigh R. Nichols, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Caleigh R. Nichols, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Janett L. Rankin, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Mount Vernon

Matthew A. Lindsey, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Matthew A. Lindsey, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Erica S. Roberson, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies

Jenna N. Standefer, BS, Juvenile Justice

Jenna N. Standefer, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Blair N. Chrisenberry, BS, Psychology

Brian Lowry, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies


Rebecka S. Bornhoft, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies

Simeon E. Burchfield, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Simeon E. Burchfield, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Cassandra A. Carnahan, BSE, Second Ed-Piano-Vocal K-12 BSE

Kisa M. Clark, BA, Communication-Mass

Nathan R. Clymer, BS, Mathematics

Rebekah D. Crawford, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies

Cassie M. England, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Kelsie J. Farley, BA, Psychology

Craig A. Fletcher, BS, Biology-Gen Bio or Und

Jennifer A. Ginger, BSBA, Accounting

Meredith J. Jenkins, BS, Biology-Preprof-Med

Ryan K. Johnson, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Anna M. Kirschner, BA, History

Dooriya D. Linny, BSBA, Fin/Econ-CertFinMgt

Matthew R. Major, BSBA, Fin/Econ-CertFinMgt

Brennan L. Martin, BSBA, Accounting

Travis C. Nunley, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Dacy E. Pelep, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Dacy E. Pelep, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Autumn E. Phillips, BSE, Elem Ed-Sci {1-6}

Caleb R. Reed, BA, English-General Writing

Jonathan M. Sandlin, BSBA, Fin/Econ-CertFinMgt

Garrett H. Saunders, BS, Communications-Mass

Tabitha L. Tichenor, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Tabitha L. Tichenor, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Jarrod L. Tuggle, BS, Psychology

Calib R. Van Dorn, BSE, Sec Ed-Phys Ed {K-12}


Jesse L. Cordova, BS, Communications-Mass

Jenna B. Todd, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Jenna B. Todd, BS, Criminal Justice Adm


Lajeana N. Bailey, BS, Psychology


Dawn M. High, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies


Channell L. Lloyd, AS, Comp Asst Manufac

Channell L. Lloyd, BS, Industrial Engineer Tech

Amy M. Bunning, BS, Health Science

Matthew J. Edwards, BSBA, Management


Laura R. Hobson, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Megan D. Jones, BSE, Mid Sch-Math

Jamie R. Turner, BSBA, Marketing


Amy N. Knepley, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Amy N. Knepley, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Josephine M. Lutton, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies

Pierce City

Jeremy W. Patterson, BS, Health Science

Kenna L. Peters, BA, Communication-Public Rela


Mary L. Cook, BSBA, General Business

Tashina M. Mailes, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Prairie Home

Tracy D. Brown, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Tracy D. Brown, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A


Jamie L. Power, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Jamie L. Power, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A


Chelsea L. Marshall, BSE, E Ed-Erly Ch {Birth-3}


Rebecca E. Culver, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies


Michelle M. Scantlin, BS, Health Science

S Greenfield

Anita C. Bloomer, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Saint Louis

Savannah S. Cowley, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Schell City

John A. Coleman, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies


Sabrina L. Hooker, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies


Linda V. Morgan, BSE, Secondary Ed-Eng 9-12

Kristina E. Outhouse, BS, Psychology


Stacie D. Brane, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Kelly C. Brown, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Morgan N. Chenoweth, BS, Biology-Gen Bio or Und

Aaron P. Garrett, BSBA, Fin/Econ-CharFinAnal

Flint R. Whitehead, BSE, Sec Ed-Soc Sci/History 9-12BSE


Madeline C. Sneed, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Madeline C. Sneed, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A


Victor M. Belt, BS, Math/CIS-ComputationalMath

Victor M. Belt, BS, CIS/Math-ComputationalMath

Sandra K. Rogers, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies

Stark City

William D. Landreth, BS, CIS/CrimJustAdm-Comp Foren

William D. Landreth, BS, CrimJustAd/CIS-Comp Foren


Christopher M. Douglas, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Christopher M. Douglas, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Webb City

Sarah A. Bruce, BSBA, Accounting

Baily D. Busby, BSE, E Ed-Erly Ch {Birth-3}

Nathan T. Carter, BS, Communications-Mass

Jonathon J. Derryberry, BSE, Sec Ed-Phys Ed {K-12}

Abby M. Dragoo, BSBA, Marketing

Ravindra P. Edirisooriya, BSBA, Accounting

Ravindra P. Edirisooriya, BSBA, Fin/Econ-CertFinMgt

Nicole K. Golden, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Nicole K. Golden, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

Nick L. Gratton, BSBA, Management

Miranda D. Hawn, BSBA, Management

Miranda D. Hawn, BSBA, Accounting

Matlin P. Heberline, BSBA, Accounting

Michele N. Newhouse, BA, History

Valerie A. Patton, BS, Health Science

Stephanie N. Pritchard, BSBA, Accounting

Abby M. Quinn, BA, Theatre

Courtney E. Riggs, BS, Biology-Preprof-Vet

Matthew G. Spencer, BSBA, Management

Timothy R. Toms, BSBA, Marketing

Firmin M. Williams, BSBA, Human ResourceManagement

Jennifer O. Younger, BS, Health Science


Alex J. Barchak, BS, Criminal Justice Adm

Alex J. Barchak, AS, Law Enforcement-Opt A

West Plains

Adam M. VonAllmen, BS, Health Science



Anthony D. Shaw, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies



Kathryn B. Culbertson, BS, Biology-Preprof-Med


Nicolett J. Barr, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies

Christopher B. Estep, BS, Industrial Engineer Tech

Christopher B. Estep, AS, Comp Asst Manufac

Aimee L. Julian, BS, Health Science

Sarah L. Kubena, BSBA, General Business

Tara D. Mayes, BS, Health Science

Jessica M. Rawlings, BS, Psychology

Monkey Island

Jennifer A. Powers, BGS, Bachelor of Gen Studies


Holly N. Hilliard, BSE, Elem Ed-Social Studies



Nancy M. Pickett, BSBA, Human ResourceManagement



Crista M. Austin, BSE, Mid Sch-Comm Arts/English


Rodah W. Mwangi, BS, Health Science