Spiva Library

Library Staff

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Interim Director

James Capeci James Capeci
Voice: 417-625-9806
Room: L-120
E-mail: capeci-j@mssu.edu         
  • Responding to compliments and complaints
  • Answering questions about policies and procedures
  • Budgeting and scheduling issues


Library Administrative Coordinator/Acquisition Specialist

Melissa Forsythe Melissa Forsythe
Voice: 417-625-9386
Room: L-118
E-mail: forsythe-m@mssu.edu    
  • Reserving meeting rooms and areas
  • Ordering all supplies and materials
  • Generating and maintaining statistics
  • Tracking and updating the budget
  • Submitting work order requests
  • Providing administrative support



Charles Nodler Charlie Nodler
Voice: 417-625-9552
Room: L-143
E-mail: nodler-c@mssu.edu        
  • Accessing Archives rooms and special collections
  • Accessing Tri-State Mining maps
  • Accessing Presidential Letters
  • Archival research assistance
  • Scanning and digitizing archival materials


Audio Visual and Curriculum Clerk

Penny Richeson Penny Richeson
Voice: 417-625-9770
Room: L-405
E-mail: richeson-p@mssu.edu              
  • Assisting with fourth-floor meeting events and lab
  • Assisting with finding microfilm/microfiche, curriculum kits, etc.
  • Cataloging audiobooks, books, curriculum kits, DVDs
  • Assisting with the use of the equipment


Technical Services Librarian

 female default pic Hong Li
Voice: 417-625-3107
Room: L-109
E-mail: li-h@mssu.edu                       
  • Cataloging library materials, including gifts and donations
  • Assisting with catalog questions and SWAN
  • Maintaining electronic and print collections
  • Cataloging and preserving the Honors Theses
  • Maintaining library holdings on OCLC/WorldCat
  • Providing statistical reports


Cataloging Clerk

female default  Donna Pooley 
Voice: 417-625-3103
Room: L-109
E-mail: pooley-d@mssu.edu      
  • Cataloging
  • Book mending
  • Service at the first-floor Circulation Desk


Technical Services Clerk - Part-Time

female default  Whitney Hamm 
Voice: 417-625-3105
Room: L-109
E-mail: hamm-W@mssu.edu      
  • Cataloging
  • Book mending
  • Service at the Circulation Desk weekday mornings 


Government Documents Clerk

Gayle O'Neal Gayle O'Neal
Voice: 417-625-9770
Room: L-405
E-mail: oneal-g@mssu.edu                    

  • Assisting with the use of Government Documents
  • Assisting with fourth-floor meeting events
  • Assisting with hearing and vision impaired specialty rooms, etc.
  • Cataloging government documents, microfiche, etc.
  • Assisting with the use of the equipment
  • Exhibiting the Native American Resource Collection


Circulation and Resource Sharing Specialist

 female default Kayla Reed
Voice: 417-625-9687
Room: L-323
E-mail: reed-k@mssu.edu         
  • Assisting with library accounts
  • Assisting with order of materials
  • Assisting with study rooms
  • Assisting with reserve materials
  • Re-shelving of materials
  • Questions about fines and fee


Emerging Technologies Librarian/Systems Librarian

female default  Xiaocan (Lucy) Wang
Voice: 417-625-3184
Room: L-308
E-mail: wang-x@mssu.edu           
  • Managing and migrating library systems
  • Assisting with access and management of e-resources
  • Developing library webpages
  • Assisting with statistical reports


Instruction/Reference Librarian

Nancy M. Crabtree Nancy M. Crabtree
Voice: 417-625-9729
Room: L-306
E-mail: crabtree-n@mssu.edu       
  • Scheduling and delivering instruction classes
  • Creating classroom assignments and hands-on activities
  • Requesting and developing LibGuides
  • Providing researching Assistance
  • Ordering and maintaining Reference Materials


Marketing and Outreach Librarian

Amber Carr Amber Carr
Voice: 417-625-9335
Room: L-409
E-mail: carr-a@mssu.edu                       
  • Creating displays, exhibits, flyers, etc.
  • Fostering the relationship with campus and community members
  • Coordinating the Literary Lion's book club


Marketing and Outreach Specialist

Mary Heim Mary Heim
Voice: 417-625-9335
Room: L-409
E-mail: heim-m@mssu.edu        
  • Staffing first-floor Circulation desk
  • Providing research assistance
  • Creating marketing activities and materials
  • Enhancing resources for visual aid


Part-time Clerks - Evenings and Weekends

default bro  

        female fam                                
  • Staffing and providing services at the four public service desks
  • Providing research assistance using the online catalog and online databases
  • Answering questions


Serials and Reference Librarian

Robert Black Robert Black
Voice: 417-625-9310
Room: L-307
E-mail: black-r@mssu.edu               
  • Questions regarding magazines, journals and newspapers
  • Questions regarding e-resources
  • Questions regarding LibGuides
  • Questions regarding SUMMON, SWAN & MOBIUS
  • Providing research assistance
  • Scheduling and delivering instruction classes
  • Liaison to database and e-resource vendors