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Course Reserves

Reserves is a convenient way for MSSU instructors to make supplemental course materials available to the entire class. Print materials placed on Reserve will be found at the Main Circulation desk on the 3rd floor of Spiva Library.

For materials to leave the Reserves area, even for photocopying, they MUST be checked out. Reserve Materials have limited checkout periods and usually cannot leave the Library. Only MSSU students may checkout Reserve materials.

If a student has a "hold" placed on their record due to unpaid library fines/fees, that student cannot checkout Reserve materials or any other library materials.

Reserve materials are viewable by course title or professor name via the following links:


Search Course Title                                               Search Professor Name


 You can also browse course titles and professor names below.

                       Course Title                     Professor Name
Library Reserves Wendy McGrane
Biology 231 Gerald Schlink, Scott Wells
Writing Program N/A
Chemistry Crowder Jim Rhoades
Study Room Spiva Library
CHEM 301 - 302 Michael Garoutte, Ennis, Donelson
Kinesiology Marty Conklin
Kinesiology Patsy Lipira
Environmental Issues Mike Kennedy
SOC 301 Ree Wells
Teaching and Learning Committee N/A
Advising, Counseling, and Testing N/A
NURS 305 Mari Beth Linder
Writing and Study Guides N/A
English William Kumbier
Dental Hygiene Scrivner
Teacher Education N/A
Salary Survey McGrane
The Great Game of Business McGrane
ENG 480 Pat Murphy
Respiratory Therapy Department N/A
GEOG 310 Davenport
HIST. 497 Wagner
Music Appreciation Wisman
ENG 102 Peggy Walters
HIST. 380 Teverow


Some Reserve materials are now available to view electronically and thus do not require a trip to the library. Those items available electronically are identified with *ELECTRONIC COPY AVAILABLE* in the 'Format' column of the Reserves listings.

Student using computer in the library