Spiva Library

Tours & Instruction

The Reference Librarians at Spiva Library provide many levels of group instruction about the library, its services and resources. This instruction ranges from very general library orientation and building tours to specialized instruction that can be subject specific or resource specific to individual classes.

Librarians can meet with your class to discuss information resources and research techniques specific to your class projects.

Want to schedule a session?

Call Nancy Crabtree @ x9729

email: crabtree-n@mssu.edu


How will it help your students?

Library instruction is provided for first-year students in UE 100 classes upon request by individual instructors. With the ever changing faces of information access and retrieval the development of research skills continues to become more and more important. Competent research skills allow students to become independent critical thinkers and more successful in their academic pursuits.

The Library Instruction sessions your students participate in will help them ...

  • Reduce library anxiety
  • Begin to understand the research process
  • Focus and narrow a topic
  • Identify a variety of different kinds of resources
  • Explore electronic information resources
  • Prepare for future research needs
  • Learn where to go for help