Volunteers Serve KGCS for More Than 20 Years

KGCS-TV recognizes members

 KGCS-TV recognizes members"Visions Unlimited," for more than 20 years of service to the station and Missouri Southern State University. The volunteers serve as part of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program through the Area Agency on Aging





The program began in the fall of 1988

Involving area senior citizens in television production. The TV program "Visions Unlimited" first aired in December of 1988. Since then, volunteers have produced and aired more than 140 programs on KGCS-TV. Members generate program ideas, then carry those ideas through to a completed program. Topics have varied - some have dealt with issues of interest to senior citizens, but many have featured stories about unique people and aspects of living in the Joplin area.

The MSSU Division of Continuing Education provided the early training classes. Today, persons interested in joining the "Visions" team are encouraged to contact station management for further information.


"Visions Unlimited" volunteers have received a number of awards and special recognition over the years.

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