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December 2013

Newsmakers takes a look at Joplin redevelopment following the May 2011 tornado, with a look at accomplishments since then and plans for 2014 and the future.  Guests on the program are Joplin City Manager Mark Rohr and David Wallace from Wallace Bajjali Development Partners.  The program begins airing the week of December 15 on KGCS-TV.

The St. Louis Cardinals have announced that the Cardinals Caravan will be returning to Joplin on Saturday, January 18, 2014.  The event will begin at noon in Taylor Performing Arts Center on the MSSU campus.  It will feature current players, Cardinals alumni and broadcasters.  Children age 15 and under may get tickets at the door to receive autographs.  Players planning to attend will be announced in January.

  cardinal caravan graphic

November 2013

KGCS-TV received recognition from College Broadcasters Inc. in the annual college media competition.  The Public Service Announcement "National Alliance on Mental Illness" was recognized a a television finalist.  It was voiced by communication major Kristen Hanna.

The Joplin School District is preparing to open three new school buildings, constructed to replace some destroyed by the May 2011 tornadol  The Newsmakers program airing the week of November 24 features information about those schools, with Assistant Superintendent Dr. Angie Besendorfer.

Missouri Southern's plans for a new baseball stadium and support from the Southern Foundation are the focus of the Newsmakers program airing on KGCS-TV the week of Nov. 17.  The program features MSSU Baseball Coach Bryce Darnell and MSSU VP/Foundation Executive Director JoAnn Graffam.   It airs weeknights on KGCS-TV.

The Newsmakers program airing the first week of November focused on Bright Futures and Operation College Bound in the Joplin School District.  Guests discuss the programs in place to help students succeed and prepare for the future. 

October 2013

The Newsmakers interview program airing at the end of October featured a look at the Use Tax proposal on the November ballot in area communities.  The program featured Joplin Finance Director Leslie Haase and Jasper County Commissioner Darieus Adams.

Two recent music performances from Missouri Southern State University began airing in mid-October on KGCS-TV. Viewers may see “Clarinets in Italy and Jazz with an Italian Touch,” a performance held at Southern on October 2 and the “MSSU Music Gala” performance from Thursday, October 3. The programs will repeat throughout the remainder of the semester.

Ongoing efforts to clean-up from the lead mining days in the Joplin region were discussed in a Newsmakers program airing in October on KGCS-TV.  The program includes representatives from federal, county and city government.  Guests include Mark Doolan from the Environmental Protection Agency, Tony Moehr from the Jasper County Health Department and Dan Pekarek from the Joplin Health Department.

The current situation in the Middle East was the topic of discussion in a Newsmakers interview featuring Missouri Southern professors Dr. Conrad Gubera and Dr. Nic Nicoletti.  Both share insight into the tensions throughout the region, from Syria to Egypt.  The program airs evenings on KGCS-TV.

September 2013

Many local communities are having elections in November regarding the Use Tax.   The new edition of Chamber Chat airing on KGCS-TV explores the topic, with Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce President Rob O'Brian as the guest.  The program airs weeknights on KGCS-TV.

KGCS-TV is covering lectures from the Italy Semester at Missouri Southern State University and airing them as the Missouri Southern Lecture Series.   Programs include guest lecturers throughout the semester.    The Gockel Symposium presentations will air September 29 and 30.  The MSSU Lecture Series airs evenings on KGCS-TV.

Missouri Southern Sports are highlighted weekly on the MOShow, a program produced in cooperation with the Athletic Department at Missouri Southern State University.  The program includes highlights from Lions sproting events and interviews with coaches and players.  It airs Wednesday and Thursday nights at 6:30 on KGCS-TV.

lion logo

A new program featuring highlighted stories from the career of Joplin newsman Bob Phillips started airing in September on KGCS-TV.  The Phillips Files features some of the many feature stories reported by Phillips during his career at KODE-TV.  Phillips visited with many unique people during his long-running series of reports.  He was honored in 2006 as a member of the Media Hall of Fame at Missouri Southern.  The program may be seen Sunday and Tuesday evenings on KGCS-TV.

bob phillips

Coverage of Missouri Southern home football games continues this season with Southern Sports Sunday on KGCS-TV.  The games are recorded and played back on the next Sunday evening.  Students in the Department of Communication at MSSU produce the games, gaining valuable experience in everything from play-by-play announcing to camera work and directing.kgcs cameraman

August 2013

A new display case in the broadcast lobby of Webster Hall at Missouri Southern State University captures steps in the advancement of audio and video recordings over the years.  “The Evolution of Broadcast Recordings” showcases video recording items ranging from film and the earliest video reel-to-reel video recording tapes through the steps that included Beta, VHS and other tape formats to DVD recordings of today.   On the audio side, display items include  78 RPM records from the turn of the 20th century, LP’s, 45’s, various stages of audio recording tape such as reel-to-reel and cassettes, to CDs.  The display case also features items such as an early microphone, a tube from a 1980’s era video camera and a film camera from the 1970’s, used to record footage for the Southern football team. The display is highlighted in the first-floor broadcast lobby.

 early microphone, a tube from a 1980’s era     items in showcase

Newsmakers programs on KGCS in August included a look at the start of a new academic year for Joplin Schools, a look at redevelopment efforts in the city, and information about area Girl Scouts.  The Joplin schools program featured Superintendent Dr. C.J. Huff, discussing the new year and updating viewers on the construction projects underway in the district.  The Joplin redevelopment program featured David Wallace, with the city's master developer, Wallace Bajjali Development Partner.  He discussed rebuilding projects in Joplin.   The Girl Scouts program featured Lori Enyart from Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland and Lisa Nelson and Gaia Thayer from a local troop.  They discussed Girl Scouts today and local efforts to save Camp Mintahama.

Services provided by the City of Joplin and Joplin Disaster Recovery efforts are the focus of Joplin Insider programs airing on KGCS-TV.  One program features information about the Joplin municipal court system and wastewater billing procedures, with Lamonte Ratcliffe and Leslie Haase.  The other program provides an update on disaster recovery with Tony Robyn.   Joplin Insider is hosted by Joplin Public Information Officer Lynn Onstot.  The program can be seen evenings on KGCS-TV.

July 2013

A new Newsmakers interview program features Dr. Alan Marble, President of Missouri Southern State University. The half-hour interview is his first on the program since he accepted his new position at MSSU.  During the program, he shares information on his past, including memories of when he was a student at Southern and his career in business and higher education.  Dr. Marble also shares thoughts about Missouri Southern and opportunities for the future.  The program airs on KGCS-TV and is also posted on YouTube, with a link through the Newmakers page of the KGCS website.

alan marble


Picture of KGCS logoInformation about the 2013 Southern Media Showcase Day is now available on the KGCS website.  The annual competition for area high school students includes categories in print and video.  The event will be held Thursday, December 5 at Missouri Southern State University.


Newsmakers programs airing in July featured an update on news from the State of Missouri and public safety in the City of Joplin.  In a program airing mid-July, Missouri State Representative Charlie Davis reviewed the past legislative session and issues facing the state.  Another program in July featured Joplin Fire Chief Mitch Randles and Joplin Police Chief Lane Roberts discussing public safety in the city. 

June 2013

The Newsmakers interview program in late June focused on the Joplin Public Library, in an interview with Library Director Jacque Gage.  She discussed library facilities and proposed plans to build a new library as part of Joplin redevelopment.  She also provided information about the summer reading program and other activities. 

KGCS provided an opportunity for local viewers to take a look at the past in Joplin, with the presentation of two historical films focusing on the city. "Go Town USA" features Joplin in the mid-1960's, as it transitioned from a mining town to a regional center. "1973 Joplin Centennial" looks at Joplin as the city celebrated its 100th anniversary. Both films capture city scenes and feature people from the community. They may be seen in the evenings on KGCS-TV.


May 2013

Four retiring faculty members from Missouri Southern State University are featured in Newsmakers interviews airing on KGCS-TV. The interviews feature Dr. John Knapp, Dr. John Messick, Dr. John Messick, and Dr. Ann Wyman. They are also posted for viewing on the KGCS website.

mssu logo

The new Career Paths program for the Joplin School District was the focus of the Newsmakers program airing on KGCS-TV during the week of May 26. The interview featured information about the development of new curriculum and programs for students in the school district.

KGCS-TV provided live and recorded coverage of area 2013 commencement ceremonies in May. Two ceremonies for Missouri Southern State University were shown live Saturday May 11. The following day, ceremonies for Carl Junction High School aired. The Joplin High School commencement aired live at 3 p.m. Sunday, May 19. DVD's of all prograsm are available for purchase from the station at .

mssu graduation photo

April 2013

Missouri State Senator Ron Richard was the guest of the Newsmakers interview program airing throughout the week of April 21 on KGCS-TV. During the program, he discussed issues facing the state as well as legislation affecting the Joplin region, including funding for redevelopment projects in Joplin.

KGCS-TV and the Department of Communication presented the annual Regional Media Hall of Fame Awards to print and broadcast professionals who made a significant impact locally. This year’s honorees are John David, Executive Vice President of Radio for the NAB and Steve and Kathy Fairchild, former publishers of the Lawrence County Record. Between the three, they have more than 100 years of media experience.

john david  steve and kathy fairchild

The Newsmakers program airing the first week of April featured an update on Joplin's redevelopment plans following the May 2011 tornado. David Wallace, CEO of Wallace Bajjali Developmnet Partners, Joplin's master developer provided an update on projects underway. They include a theatre/library complex and senior living complex. He also discussed funding and future projects.

March 2013

KGCS-TV has covered Joplin city government for more than 25 years, through coverage of City Council meetings and Newsmakers interview programs. A new program developed in cooperation with the city will allow citizens to obtain more in-depth information from the city. “Joplin Insider,” a new interview program focuses on new topics each month. The program is hosted by Joplin Public Information Director Lynn Onstot and produced at KGCS-TV. The first program featured an interview with Keith Stammer, emergency management director for the City of Joplin and Jasper County. Topics discussed include emergency preparedness, tormado sirens and storm shelters.

joplin insider set

KGCS concludes its coverage of Missouri Southern Basketball with the home first-round MIAA Conference tournament game for the women's basketball team. The game on March 5 against Northwest Missouri State University was recorded for replay and aired on the station.

Services to help citizens with income taxes and students with their FAFSA were featured on a Newsmakers interview in March. Dr. David Smith from the MSSU Accounting Department discusses the VITA services offered on campus and MSSU Financial Aid Director Becca Diskin provides information for students and families needing to complete the FAFSA for financial aid.


February 2013

For more than 30 years, the Area Agency Region 10 has served adults ages 60 and older. Programs include the Meals on Wheels, Senior Centers, Caregiver programs and Ombudsman programs. An upcoming edition of Newsmakers provides an update on the agency and its services, with two agency representatives, Teresa Rife, Family Caregiver Coordinator, and Charlotte Crum, Ombudsman Coordinator. They discuss the growing demand for services in the region.

A special edition of the Newsmakers interview program in February presents a preview of major-league baseball. The program features interviews with players and team representatives from the St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals, when they visited Joplin on their annual caravan tours.

cardinal caravan interview

Safety at Missouri Southern State University is the focus of a Newsmakers interview on KGCS-TV. The program follows up on the active shooter drill held on campus in January, with discussion about plans in place to inform people on campus in the event of an emergency. Ken Kennedy, MSSU Police Chief, and Bob Harrington, MSSU Physical Plant Director and Risk Manager, discuss emergency preparedness efforts.

mssu logo

February began with a Newsmakers program focusing on George Washington Carver National Monument and Black History Month. The monument was the first established to honor an African American. Park Ranger Curtis Gregory shared information about Carver and programs planned at the park.

January 2013

The Newsmakers interview program airing at the end of January features Joplin Mayor Melodee Colbert Kean. During the interview, she reflects on the "state of the City" as the new year gets underway, and rebuilding efforts continue in Joplin. The interview aired the week of January 27th on KGCS-TV.

The St. Louis Cardinals Caravan returned to Joplin on Saturday, January 19. Players and team representatives were in Taylor Performing Arts Center on the Missouri Southern Campus. After a brief program, autographs were available for youth ages 15 and under. Tickets were sold for door prize drawings, with the proceeds to benefit the United Way of Southwest Missouri and Southeast Kansas. Players attending included Shelby Miller and Seth Maness. Cardinals alumni attending include John Mabry, Cal Eldred, and Alan Benes. Broadcaster Al Hrabosky served as emcee. The visit was sponsored by the St. Louis Cardinals, Zimmer radio and KGCS-TV.


cardinal caravan table pic CARAVAN'13 cardinal interview pic

KGCS provides televised coverage of Missouri Southern women's and men's home conference basketball games. Staff, faculty and students of KGCS-TV work together to record the games for rebroadcast as part of Southern Sports Sunday programming.

December 2012

The St. Louis Cardinals have announced that their annual Cardinals Caravan tour will visit Joplin again in 2013. The event is planned for noon on Saturday, Jan. 19 at Taylor Performing Arts Center at Missouri Southern. KGCS-TV is helping to sponsor the visit. More details will be available closer to the date of the visit.

Newsmakers features an interview focusing on Missouri Southern Cross Country. Men's coach Tom Rutledge and one of his runners, Eric Schott, share experiences from the NCAA Division II National Championship Meet, which was held in Joplin in November. Rutledge, who has announced that he is retiring next year, also reflects on the development of cross country at MSSU and his career as a coach.

November 2012

KGCS worked with other media areas of the Department of Communication to sponsor the annual Southern Media Showcase Day event on the campus of Missouri Southern State University. The program brought in 350 area high school students for speakers and award presentations.

Southern Media Showcase Day 2012

KGCS provided production support for the presentation of "Elfin Magic: An Ozark Mountain Christmas," a benefit show for the Ronald McDonald House. The show featured Branson entertainers. It will air in November and December on KGCS-TV.

The Newsmakers program features a look at the City of Joplin for two programs in November. The program airing the week of Nov. 11 focuses on rebuilding plans, with City Manager Mark Rohr and David Wallace from the Master Developer firm, Wallace Bajjali Development Partners. The discuss proposed plans for projects in the city. The Newsmakers interview is posted on YouTube for viewing. Another program airing the week of November 18 features an update on public works projects projects such as road construction in Joplin. Public Works Director David Hertzberg and Assistant Public Works Director Jack Schaller discuss the many projects planned in Joplin.

October 2012

KGCS continues to provide coverage of the monthly meetings of the Missouri Southern Board of Governors. The meetings, held on the third Friday of the month are recorded and replayed the next Sunday evening.

MSSU Board of Governors

KGCS participated in Homecoming 2012 at Missouri Southern State University. In addition covering the football game, the station provided coverage of the Homecoming Parade, honoring the 75th Anniversary of the University. Students announced the parade and provided production support for the telecast, which aired on KGCS-TV.

KGCS's booth at the MSSU Homecomming KGCS' booth at Homecoming 2012 with Kristen Hanna and Shonte Clay

(Left) Zach Goad operates camera at the parade (Right) Kristen Hanna and Shonte Clay announce the parade.

KGCS studio interview

One of the 2012 Outstanding Alumni recipients, Carol Parker from KSN-TV, visited with students from the Introduction to Public Relations class in the KGCS studio on Friday, October 5.

September 2012

KGCS provides coverage of Thailand Semester lectures from the campus of Missouri Southern State University. The lectures are recorded and aired as part of the Missouri Southern Lecture Series on the station. The programs may be seen weekday evenings on KGCS-TV.

Thailand Themed Semester Logo

KGCS brings football fans complete game coverage of Missouri Southern football games as part of Southern Sports Sunday.

Home games for the Lions are recorded on Saturdays and replayed Sunday night.

Students from KGCS and the Department of Communication produce the games.

Student positions include:

  • On-air announcing
  • Camera operators
  • Director

2012 marks the first time commuincation students are producing live play-by-play home football games on KXMS radio, the University's radio station at 88.7 FM.

MSSU Football Broadcast MSSU Football Broadcast 2012

(Left) Students operate camera equipment from the top of the Press Box. (Right) 2012 marks the first year home games are broadcast live on the University's radio station, KXMS 88.7FM.

The start of the new academic year at Missouri Southern State University was the focus of the Newsmakers interview program on KGCS-TV. MSSU President Dr. Bruce Speck shares his thoughts about the new year, and topics of continuing interest to Southern, including the campus master plan, program prioritization and the budget. A link to the program may be found elsewhere on the KGCS-TV website.

August 2012

KGCS provides a look at the upcoming school year and ongoing plans to rebuild schools in the Joplin School District, in a Newsmakers interview airiing in August. The program features Assistant Superintendent Dr. Angie Besendorfer and School Board member Michael Landis. It aired evenings prior to the tart of school in mid-August. A link to the program may be found on the KGCS website.

July 2012

KGCS provided live and recorded coverage of the special Joplin City Council work session on July 9. During that session, the master developer working with the city on tornado recovery projects, Wallace Bajjaili Development Partners, outlined nearly $800 million worth of proposals for the city. The session aired live Monday, July 9 p.m. and replayed Tuesday, July 10 at 7:30 p.m.

Newsmakers programs airing in July featured a look at two popular area outdoor attractions, the George Washington Carver National Monument and Wildcat Glades Conservation and Audubon Center. The interviews provided information about ongoing activities and special events planned at the sites. Another interview airing at the end of the month featured Joplin Police Chief Lane Roberts, discussing developments and programs in his department.

June 2012

An edition of the Newsmakers interview program airing in June featured the new Executive Director of the United Way of Southwest Missouri and Southeast Kansas, Dr. Bev Crespino-Graham. During the interview, she shared information about how the agency works to serve the needs of the region.

The Department of Communication and the Society of Professional Journalists Southwest Missouri Pro Chapter invited area journalists, instructors, students and others wanting to learn about accessing public records to attend the Access Across America II Project on Tuesday, June 26. The free program was held in Spiva Library at Missouri Southern.

Access Across America II Project

May 2012

KGCS provided live coverage of commencement ceremonies for two high schools and Missouri Southern State University in May: The Carl Junction High School Commencement on Sunday, May 13, Missouri Southern ceremonies on May 19 and Joplin High School on Monday, May 21. DVD's of each ceremony are available for purchase from KGCS, at a cost of $20. For order forms, see the KGCS home page or contact Judy Stiles, KGCS General Manager at 417-625-9777.


KGCS-TV presented awards to students at the annual Department Communication Recognition Ceremony on Wednesday, May 2 at Missouri Southern State University. The presentations included the Ruth I. Kolpin Scholarship and recognition of students for their contributions at KGCS-TV.

The Ruth I. Kolpin Broadcasting Scholarship, an endowed scholarship through the Missouri Southern Foundation, was awarded to two students for the 2012-2013 academic year. This year’s recipients are Abigail Warner from Illinois and Xiaoyu (Jamie) Wu from China. The Kolpin Scholarship was established in 2003 to honor one of Southwest Missouri’s pioneers in broadcasting

.The giving of the Ruth Kolpin Broadcasting Scholarship to the winners.


Station awards were also presented to students from KGCS. Kisa Clark from Neosho, MO was recognized as the Student of the Year. Two students shared the Volunteer of the Year Award, Jacob Hamilton and Wes Underwood. The program of the year award was presented to the documentary “Not An Ordinary Kansas Garden,” produced by Kisa Clark. Four students received certificates of appreciation for their contributions to the station: Jared Parise, Nathan Stanley, Alisha Culbertson, and Michael Woodruff.

Station awards: Student of the Year - Kisa Clark Jacopb Hamilton and Wes Underwood share the Volunteer of the year

April 2012

The Regional Media Hall of Fame at Missouri Southern State University honored two media professionals at an awards dinner on Thursday, April 19. This year’s awards recognized photojournalist Mike Gullett and the President/CEO of the Missouri Broadcasters Association, Don Hicks. The Regional Media Hall of Fame honors professionals who have made an impact regionally throughout their careers.

Mike Gullett and Don Hicks

KGCS-TV provided video production and recorded the House Concert with the Ying Quartet, a performance to benefit Pro Musica on Monday, April 16. The performance featured live chamber music in the home of a Joplin-area resident. KGCS students, faculty and staff provided on-location production coverage. In addition to a performance for those in attendance, it was streamed live on the Joplin Globe website and recorded for rebroadcast on KGCS-TV. The concert was designed to support Pro Musica and future events in Joplin.

The Ying Quartet perform to benefit Pro Musica

Students involved with KGCS-TV at Missouri Southern State University received a number of honors from the recent Missouri Broadcast Educators Association Student Media Awards competition. Those awards include projects in documentary scriptwriting, documentary production, news scriptwriting and music videos. Kisa Clark received a first place award for the script for her documentary, “Not an Ordinary Kansas Garden.” Michael “Woody” Woodruff received a first place award for his production work on the project “The Life of Water.” Kate Inmann received a first place award for her news script for the story “Joplin Business Recovery Fund.” An Honorable Mention award went to Aaron Durall for his music video “Some Still Love You.”

Logo of the Missouri Broadcast Educators Association

March 2012

Political coverage prior to the April 3 election continued on KGCS during March. On Monday, March 26 at 6 p.m., KGCS presented a forum for candidates for Joplin City Council and on Wednesday, March 28 at 7 p.m., KGCS presented a forum focusing on the Joplin School District bond issue proposal.

Political Coverage of the City Council elections  Meanwhile backstage at the control board

Seventh District Congressman Billy Long appeared on the Newsmakers interview airing the week of March 18th on KGCS-TV. Congressman Long discussed news from Washington D.C., including the economy, the budget and concerns raised by contsituents. Congressman Billy Long being interviewed

KGCS-TV debuted the documentary "If These Walls Could Talk ... Joplin's Newman Building" at a special birthday celebration for the City of Joplin on Friday, March 23. The program highlights history of the more than 100 year-old building that now serves as Joplin City Hall. The program is available for purchase as a DVD through KGCS-TV.

KGCS-TV provided live coverage of the debate among three Missouri Republican candidates for United States Senate in Missouri on Monday, March 12 in Corley Auditorium on the MSSU campus. The three candidates Todd Akin, John Brunner and Sarah Steelman, are facing off to determine who will challenge the current U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill. A media panel asked questions, and questions were submitted by audience members. The debate was a cooperative venture between KGCS-TV, Zimmer Radio, The Joplin Globe, the Southwest Pachyderms and the MSSU College Republicans. It was sponsored by Tamko Building products. Republican Primary Debate for US Senate candidacy

The proposed $62 millionollar bond issue for Joplin Schools was the subject of Newsmakers programs airing on KGCS-TV during March. In one program, Joplin Schools Superintendent Dr. C.J. Huff explained the proposal and plan to rebuild schools destroyed in the May 2011 tornado. The other program featured Joplin Schools Assistant Superintendent Dr. Angie Besendorfer sharing information about 21st Century Learning and how new approaches will be integrated into schools.

Students, faculty and staff with KGCS-TV worked with the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce to cover the annual “Dancing with the Joplin Stars” event on March 3. KGCS provided crews to help with the live streaming of the competition. The program also aired later on KGCS-TV. Dancing with the Joplin Stars is a funding raiser for the Chamber of Commerce Art in Public Places projects, designed to commission and install public art in the community.

February 2012

The Missouri state champion Constitution Team from Joplin High School was featured on the Newsmakers interview airing the last week of February. The program featured interviews with the coach and students from the team, discussing their success and plans for the national competition in Washington D.C. in April.

The Young Professionals Network is the focus on the Chamber Chat program airing on KGCS. The program is hosted by Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce staff member Kirstie Smith and produced by KGCS-TV.

St.Louis Cardinals baseball fans had an opportunity to get a look at the World Series Trophy and hear from Cardinals players in the Newsmakers program which aired throughout the week of Feb. 12. The program included on-location interviews at the trophy visit to Joplin and in-depth interviews with players as they visited Joplin for the caravan tour.

Logo of the St. Lewis Cardinals World Series Trophy

The Newsmakers interview program for the first week of February featured an interview with Missouri Southern State University President Dr. Bruce Speck. He discussed the challenges facing MSSU and higher education, following up on proposed budget cuts by the State of Missouri.

KGCS continued coverage of the MSSU Women's and Men's home basketball games. Students provided the coverage, from announcing and camera work to producing and directing. Games were recorded and replayed the next night on KGCS-TV.

Filming of a basketball game Video mixing the basketball game.

January 2012

KGCS provided complete coverage when the Citizens Advisory Recovery Team presented its action plan to local leaders. The presentation included the Joplin City Council, the Joplin Schools Board of Education, the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce and the Duquesne City aldermen. The plan was developed through citizen input following the May tornado.

KGCS aired Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's State of the State Address, when he spoke to the General Assembly in Jefferson City. The speech aired Tuesday, Jan. 17.


The St. Louis Cardinals Caravan visited Joplin on Sat. Jan. 14, at noon in the Leggett and Platt Athletic Center on the MSSU campus.Cardinal Caravan Logo

The program was open to the public, free of charge. It featured a chance to hear from players, for youth to get autographs, and to win door prizes.

Players appearing included pitchers Jason Motte, Mitchell Boggs and outfielder Shane Robinson. Former players Danny Cox and Jason Simontacchi and broadcaster Mike Claiborne also attended. KGCS broadcast the program live and replayed it the next week.

A large turnout for the Cardinal Caravan Players signing autographs

Interview with a Cardinal player View of the stands with the large turnout for the Cardinal Caravan

December 2011

Cardinal Caravan Logo

KGCS announces that the St. Louis Cardinals Caravan is coming back to Joplin!  Team representatives and players will appear at MSSU's Leggett and Platt Athletic Center at noon on Saturday, January 14.  The program is open to the public, free of charge.  More details will be available after the first of the year. 


KGCS provided recorded coverage of MSSU Department of Music concerts and programs from the Fall semester. The programs included vocal performances, jazz concerts and orchestra concerts. 

KGCS provided live coverage of the Missouri Southern State University commencement at 10 a.m. Saturday, December 17th.   DVDs of the ceremony are on sale, with proceeds benefitting the MSSU student broadcast organization. 

November 2011

Recording a basketball gameVideo mixing the basketball gameKGCS covers Missouri Southern home conference basketball games again during the 2011-2012 season. Students provide the play-by-play and announcing, as well as production work for the sports coverage.  The games are recorded and replayed on KGCS (Thursday night for Wednesday games and Sunday night for Saturday games). 


As did Mike Gullett, a professional photographer. Josh Marsh from KZRG Spoke Large turnout for the Southern Media Showcase Tomeka Jones and Shannon Travis

KGCS and the Department of Communication held the 15th annual Southern Media Showcase Day on Thursday, Nov. 3.  The event attracted more than 250 area high school students. It featured guest speakers from CNN, Tomeka Jones and Shannon Travis.  Two local media professionals made presentation, Josh Marsh from KZRG radio and Mike Gullett, professional photographer.  The day included the presentation of awards to students in print and video competition categories.  

October 2011

Cameras roll while someone speaks at the One State, One Spirit benefitFilming the One State, One Spirit benefitRecording the Basketball benefitKGCS students assisted ESPNU crew members covering the One State, One Spirit benefit basketball game featuring the Missouri Tigers vs. the Missouri Southern Lions, held on October 30.  Students also shot video and conducted interviews for station coverage of the game.


MSSU Homecoming parade Filming the homecoming football gameKGCS provided coverage of the Missouri Southern Homecoming Parade and Game, held on October 1. The day included the parade with bands from area schools and MSSU participants, followed by the game with the Lions against Missouri Western.


September 2011

Video mixing a recording of an event.Filming of an Egypt themed eventKGCS featured Missouri Southern State University football on "Southern Sports Sunday." Saturday home games are recorded, with students, faculty and staff serving as the production crew. They are replayed the next night, starting at 7 p.m.


Egypt Themed Semester LogoKGCS features lectures from the Egypt Semester at Missouri Southern State University. The lectures are recorded and replayed in their entirety on the station. Guests from around the country will be visiting MSSU this semester, focusing on a wide variety of topics tied to Egypt. Lectures air as the "Missouri Southern Lecture Series" on KGCS-TV.



August 2011

The "Newsmakers" interview program continues to focus on post-tornado news.  Topics covered in August include an interview with Joplin Schools Superintendent Dr. CJ Huff, an interview with local media representatives following up on their tornado coverage, a visit with AmeriCorps representatives about volunteer efforts, and an interview focusing on the psychological impacts of the tornado in the Joplin region.

KGCS airs the two-hour television program "Yakov Smirnoff's Stand Up for Joplin."  The program airs Monday, Aug. 22 and Wednesday, Aug. 24, with future airdates planned.

July 2011

Stand Up for Joplin LogoStage shot of the Stand Up for Joplin eventKGCS Students record and mix the Stand Up for Joplin event.KGCS students, faculty, and staff assist with the television production work on the comedy show presentation "Yakov Smirnoff's Stand Up for Joplin," held at Missouri Southern State University on July 19th. The free performance for Joplin residents featured Smirnoff and other comedians.


June 2011

The summer edition of the interview program "Chamber Chat" features Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce President Rob O'Brian discussing efforts to help businesses affected by the tornado.  The program airs in the evenings on KGCS-TV

KGCS continues to provide informational programming to the community following the Joplin tornado.  Programs include Newsmakers interviews updating the recovery and clean-up process, and airing of Joplin City Council and Joplin School Board meetings.

KGCS is recognized by the Missouri Broadcasters Association for the production of a Public Service Announcement for Joplin Habitat for Humanity.  The station received a Certificate of Merit at the MBA annual awards program.

May 2011

KGCS serves the Joplin community in the aftermath of the devastating tornado that hit on May 22. The station provides informational programs and supports media activities held at Missouri Southern State University, including the May 29 visit of President Obama to a community memorial service. 

Debut of the new "Newsmakers" setKGCS debuts the new "Newsmakers" interview set, airing an interview featuring the 2011 recipients of the Regional Media Hall of Fame Awards: Dowe Quick, Susan Redden, and Jim Jackson.


Communication Recognition ceremonyKGCS recognizes students for their contributions to the station,at the annual Communication Department Recognition ceremony.  Awards presented for 2011 included:  Program of the Year - KGCS Campus Update, Volunteer of the Year - Kisa Clark, Student of the Year - Preston Jones.   Two recipients for the Ruth I. Kolpin Broadcast Scholarship were also announced, Kwinna Glades and Justin Coale.


April 2011

Student entries from KGCS-TV receive awards from the Missouri Broadcast Educators Association, a competition among universities and college media programs in the state of Missouri.  Awards received include: First Place/News Script - Kate Inman, Honorable Mention/Video PSA - Sabrina Hooker, Honorable Mention/Video News Show - Kisa Clark & Eric Crosswhite, and Honorable Mention/Video News Package - Kisa Clark.

Logo for the Missouri Broadcast Educators Association or MBEA





April 14, 18 and 21 - KGCS presents televised coverage of the Missouri Southern Student Athlete Talent Show.  The program, held on April 6, benefitted the Make A Wish Foundation, and featured athletes performing on stage in Taylor Performing Arts Center.


Susan ReddenJim JacksonDowe Quick

April 14 - KGCS and the Department of Communication honor three local media professionals, at the Regional Media Hall of Fame Awards Dinner.  The three honorees have worked in local news for more than 30 years each.Those being honored are:  Susan Redden, The Joplin Globe, Jim Jackson, KSNF-TV, and Dowe Quick, KOAM-TV.  More information can be found on the Hall of Fame page.

March 2011

March 16-19 - A group of six students and a faculty member attend the annual National Broadcasting Society (NBS) Convention in Los Angeles, California.  Sessions include information of a wide variety of subjects related to broadcasting and communiations.

March 5 - "Dancing with the Joplin Stars" is covered and televised by KGCS-TV.  Faculty, staff, and students produce the television coverage of the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce event, held at Downstream Casino.


February 2011

The panel discusses the benefits of making pseudo-ephedrine drugs prescription only.Live forum on pseudo-ephedrine perscriptionsKGCS televises a live public forum, produced by KGCS-TV and The Joplin Globe, with support from Empire District Electric Company.  The program,'"The Cold Truth: Pseudoephedrine and Meth Labs" focused on proposals to limit sales of pseudoephedrine to prescriptions only, and examined the problems resulting from methamphetamine drug production and use.

January 2011

Large turnout for the Cardinal Caravan Interviewing a Cardinal Player Players signed autographs at the Cardinal Caravan

January 15 - KGCS helps host the St. Louis Cardinals Caravan visit to Joplin.  Close to 1000 fans gathered at the Leggett and Platt Athletic Center at Missouri Southern to hear from current players, former players and Cardinals Broadcaster John Rooney.


Postings from 2010

December 2010

The Crowds watch a basketball game.Filming of a basketball gameKGCS provides coverage of MSSU women's and men's home conference basketball games, with live coverage on game days and repeat broadcasts the next day.



November 2010

Southern Media Showcase logo- Missouri Southern State University

November 4 - High school students from around the region gathered at MSSU for the annual Southern Media Showcase Day. Andre Smith, Deputy New Media Editor at The News Journal in Delaware presented the keynote address, and a media panel spoke to students. Awards were presented to video and print students. 

September 2010

A KGCS camera operator filming a football game.Telecasts of Missouri Southern State University home football games are featured on "Southern Sports Sunday," airing on KGCS.


August 2010

Judy Stiles, KGCS-TV General Manager was recognized as one of the "15 Most Influential Women" by the Joplin Tri-State Business Journal. The award was presented at a luncheon in downtown Joplin. An independent panel of judges selected the 15 individuals, with more than 80 women from the tri-state area nominated this year.

July 2010

KGCS presents a debate for the open seat in the 7th District Missouri CongressJuly 20 - KGCS presented a live "Candidate Connection" program, featuring candidates for the 7th District Congressional seat in Missouri. It was presented in cooperation with The Joplin Globe and through support from Tamko Building Products.


June 2010

Logo of the Missouri Broadcasters Association or MBAThe 2010 Missouri Broadcasters Association production competition recognized the KGCS program "Four State Night Files" as the winner in the Class III Television category. The program was produced by MSSU Communication major Sam McDonald.


May 2010

KGCS-TV recognized students for their contributions to the station, at the annual Communication Dept. awards ceremony. Awards presented include: Student of the Year - Preston Jones, Volunteer of the Year - Kisa Clark, Producer of the Year - Brooke Lairmore, Meritorious Service - Erica Miranda and Matthew Porte, Certificate of Appreciation - Logan Beckett, Producer Recognition - Kate Inman, Brooke Lairmore, Kisa Clark, and Preston Jones.

The Ruth I. Kolpin Broadcast Journalism Scholarship was presented to two students at KGCS-TV, Emily Seigel and Jordon Schultz.

April 2010

Bill Grigsby is presented the Regional Media Hall of Fame Award.

KGCS-TV and the Department of Communication at Missouri Southern State University presented the Regional Media Hall of Fame Award to Bill Grigsby, nationally-known broadcaster who started his career in Joplin. Grigsby attended Joplin Junior College and worked for The Joplin Globe and WMBH radio in Joplin. His career accomplishments included 46 years with the Kansas City Chiefs, as well as coverage of many major sporting events.     


March 2010

The annual Missouri Broadcast Educators Association student competition recognizes three KGCS students. Rachel Roberds and Annie Clarkson received a first place award in scriptwriting category for commercials, promos and public service announcements. Preston Jones received an honorable mention awards in the corporate/promotional video category.

KGCS-TV, in cooperation with The Joplin Globe and Empire District Electric Company presented a live telecast, "Candidate Connection." The program featured the candidates seeking general council seats on the Joplin City Council. Representatives from KOAM-TV, The Chart and The Joplin Globe served on the media panel.

January 2010

Cardinal players sign autographs for the large crowd that showed up to see the Cardinal Caravan.Close to 1000 people filled Young Gymnasium at MSSU for the St. Louis Cardinals Caravan on Saturday, Jan. 16. The program included comments from the Cardinals players and autographs for fans. KGCS helped host the event in Joplin.