2010 Hall of Fame Inductee

Bill Grigsby

Picture of Bill Grigsby

Bill Grigsby is a nationally-known sports broadcaster whose career began in Joplin. He completed a 46-year career with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2009.

Grigsby attended Joplin Junior College in the 1940s. His sports reporting career started in Joplin at WMBH radio and The Joplin Globe. He worked in sports play-by-play broadcasting at WMBH, covering rising baseball stars such as Mickey Mantle when he played in Joplin. He was a broadcaster for the University of Kansas radio network and the Kansas City Athletics baseball team. Grigsby switched to the Kansas City Chiefs in 1963, when the team moved to Kansas City from Dallas. He did broadcast work for the first Super Bowl in 1967. In addition to play-by-play, his long career with the Chiefs included game-day and pre-game shows.

During his career, he covered nearly every major sports league, including professional baseball, basketball, hockey and football. He also broadcast college basketball and football games.

Grigsby’s distinguished career in media has earned him honors in the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame. He has been an active member of his community, participating in many civic and charity events throughout the years. He and his wife, Frances, live in Parkville, Missouri.

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