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Short-term Study Abroad Opportunities

These are trips led by MSSU faculty for academic credit in 2014. MSSU students who have a 2.5 GPA and full-time status are eligible for $750 study abroad grants. Please contact the faculty group leader to apply. Trips for 2015 will be announced by Nov. 1, 2014.

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British Virgin Islands | Paris- International Media | Belize | Paris- Literary | Italy - AestheticsItaly - Commerce | Ecuador | Sweden | France

A student checks the temperature of a child in the Virgin Islands. Community Health in the British Virgin Islands, March 13-21. Dental hygiene students will provide dental screenings, fluoride treatments and preventative dental education. Nursing students will complete physicals, including immunizations, and provide care in selected clinics and the clients' home. Estimated cost is $2,215 before $750 study abroad grant. Students must be enrolled in one of the following courses for Spring 2014: DH 330 Ethics & Community Dentistry or NURS 450 Community Health Nursing. Contact Professors Grace Ayton, Diane Moore, Chrys Corcoran, or Gail Taubel for additional information.


Picture of a gargoyle in Paris International Media Seminar in Paris, March 21-29. A week-long seminar at the American University of Paris featuring sessions with international journalists, diplomats, Parisian writers, media executives and TV personalities. Program includes media tours and plenty of free time for visiting historic sites and experiencing Parisian culture. Estimated cost is $2,765 before $750 study abroad grant. Students must enroll in COMM 380 (2 hours) in Spring 2014. Contact Professors Rhonda Clark or Kris Livingston for additional details.


Biology trip to BelizeBiomes: Tropical Rainforests and Coral Reefs of Belize
, May 11-21. The class will meet for the equivalent of 16 one-hour lectures during the spring semester, followed by 11 days of study at field research stations in Belize. Field study will be divided into two parts: Tropical rainforests at Blue Creek Village and coral reefs at South Water Caye marine reserve. Students will be required to collect data, keep a field journal and personal journal, and make a final report of their experience in Belize. Estimated cost is $2,350 before $750 study abroad grant. Students must enroll in BIO 352 (2 hours) for Spring 2014. Contact Professors Scott Wells or Gerald Schlink for additional details.


Paris Ascending

Paris Ascending: Literary Modernism and the American Expatriate Writers, May 11-22. The three major elements of the course are the American writers whose self-exile in Paris altered the perspective and form of American literature, the city of Paris, and French culture. Students will stand and sit and discuss in some of the sites that the authors stood and sat and discussed. The group will immerse itself in Paris, from the Medieval to the Modern, in the hope of comprehending more fully the effect of the City of Lights on American and world literature. Estimated cost is $3,000 before $750 study abroad grant. Students enroll in ENG 333 (3 hours) for Spring 2014. Contact Professor Holly McSpadden for additional details.


A shop in Italy

Psychology and Aesthetics: A Focus on Italy, May 16 to June 1. Because aesthetics is about appreciating and cultivating preferences for beauty, students will spend time every day absorbing and exploring the beauty of Italian visual, auditory, gustatory and olfactory arts. They will participate in walking tours of Rome, Florence, Siena and Bologna, visit Rome’s classic monuments (Coliseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain) and cathedrals (St. Peter’s Basilica), the Vatican Museum, Museum Galleria degli Uffizi and the Duomo in Florence. The group will also visit Copomarzio 70, a perfume gallery and workshop in Rome for a focus on scent creation, experience a cooking lesson with a local chef in Rome and go on a tour of wineries and olive orchards in Tuscany. Estimated cost is $3,573 before $750 study abroad grant.Students must enroll in PSY 498 (3 hours) for Summer 2014. Contact Professors Karen Kostan or Josie Mai for additional details.


Italy: Renaissance Roots of CommerceItaly: Renaissance Roots of Commerce, May 19 to June 1. During the Renaissance period Europe developed significantly in the area of business practices and professions. While this growth and development of the merchant class occurred to a large extent in Northern Italy, the most famous and richest area was Florence with the Medici family. Professions such as accounting, banking, and international trade were all advanced. Three days will be spent in Venice, two days in Bologna, three days in Florence, and four days in Rome. Estimated cost is $3,400 before $750 study abroad grant. Students must enroll in IB 498 (3 hours) or ACCT 498 (3 hours) for Summer 2014. Contact Professors Chris Moos or Nanette Philibert for additional details.


Students at the equator in EquadorSummer Study Abroad in Quito, Ecuador, May 17 to June 14. An immersion program at La Universidad de las Americas that includes classes in the morning, activities in the afternoon, and weekend excursions to Otavalo, Baños, and volcanoes and hot springs. Students will be able to participate in extracurricular activities around Quito, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its history and beauty. Estimated cost is $3,170 before $750 study abroad grant. Students must enroll in SPAN 399 (3 hours) for Summer 2014. Contact Professor Pedro Talavera for additional details.


Students in a fountain in SweedenSummer in Sweden, May 22 to June 25. Students will complete a Swedish Photography Seminar (3 hours) with Swedish photographer Örjan Henriksson and an Art of Scandinavia seminar (3 hours) during weekend field trips to world-class museums and galleries in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Amsterdam. Participants will stay at the Mullsjö Folkhögskola during the week and enjoy an intercultural experience in a setting of beautiful lakes and villages. Estimated cost is $7,014 before scholarships. Contact Professor Ed Outhouse for additional details.


Orleans, FranceSummer French Language Intensive Course in Orleans, France, June 18 to July 17. Students enroll in classes at the University of Orleans, where they will mingle with other international students, adjust to French professors and assignments, and join in activities with people from around the world. Most students will live with a French family during the week. The faculty in Orleans plan at least one excursion to the chateaux region, where students typically see Chambord or Chenonceau as well as one of the smaller villages, such as Vouvray. In addition, the MSSU professor plans a weekend trip to Paris. Estimated cost is $4,180 before $750 study abroad grant. Students enroll in FREN 250 and FREN 350 (6 hours) for Summer 2014. Contact Professor Karen Turman for additional details.