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International Media Seminar

Course Syllabus

Students at Missouri Southern State University receive two hours of credit for participating in the International Media Seminar.

Here is Dr. Chad Stebbins' course syllabus from the Spring of 2010.


Comm. 380 Missouri Southern State University International Media Seminar Spring 2010

Dr. Chad D. Stebbins Office: WH-337A E-mail: Office hours: 9-10 M-W-F; and by appointment.

Rental Textbook:
Downie, David (2005). Paris, Paris: Journey into the City of Light.

Purchase Book:
A Paris guidebook of your choosing

You are expected to read the International Herald Tribune, the world's daily newspaper, online at The IHT is edited in Paris and delivered to more than 180 countries every day.

Course description:
An extensive look at the world of international media through the experiences of renowned speakers and discussion leaders. Students will spend a week in Paris, France, attending seminars and conferences and meeting foreign correspondents, syndicated columnists, newspaper editors, television producers, and diplomats. Students must pay for travel and seminar expenses, with specific details available prior to enrollment.

A. Gain insight into how various international media organizations operate. B. Compare American media perspectives to those of their international counterparts. C. Synthesize information while listening to and questioning a wide range of speakers and discussion leaders. D. Develop cross-cultural sensitivity and become familiar with the process of cross-cultural adaptation. E. Gain a better comprehension of world issues and examine the student's role as a global citizen.

Procedures or Methods to be Used:
A. One hour each week in classroom sessions before and after the trip.
B. Twenty-four hours of seminars, conferences, discussions, and on-site media visits spread over five weekdays in Paris, France, during spring break.
C. Class discussions of required reading before the trip.
D. Written reports and a final examination after the trip.

A. Attendance, participation, and professionalism = 150 points
B. Pop quizzes from reading the International Herald Tribune = 75 points
C. Summary of all sessions attended in Paris = 200 points. Minimum of five pages, double-spaced, written in the third person, with personal observations and comments omitted. Focus on each speaker’s message.
D. Introspective report of your study abroad experience for the Institute of International Studies (1,000 words minimum) = 75 points
E. Final examination, or essay on a neighborhood or arrondissement in Paris = 100 points

Grading scale:
540 to 600 = A (90%)
480 to 539 = B (80%)
420 to 479 = C (70%)
360 to 419 = D (60%)

You must spend the week in Paris to receive a passing grade for the course.

If you are an individual with a disability and require an accommodation for this class, please notify the instructor or Judy Elimelech, Coordinator for Disability Services, at the Learning Center (625-9516).