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1999 Seminar Schedule

The Center for the Study of International Communications - Paris

International Media Program
March 22 - 26, 1999



HOTEL LA SERRE 24 bis, rue Cler 75007 Paris Tel 01 47 05 52 33 fax 01 40 62 95 66  

HOTEL MALAR 29, rue Malar 75007 Paris Tel 01 45 51 38 46 fax 01 45 55 20 19


Sunday, March 21

7:00-8:00  Welcome: Home of AUP President Michael and Mrs. Carol Simpson 41, avenue Bosquet, 75007 Paris Door Code C524 6th floor.

MICHAEL K. SIMPSON, President, The American University of Paris; LEE HUEBNER, Professor, Northwestern University; WADDICK DOYLE, Professor, AUP International Communications Department.

AUP = The American University of Paris, 31, avenue Bosquet 75007 Paris tel 01 40 62 07 19 Grand Salon 2nd floor

Monday, March 22

11:00-12:30  “The View from Afar" WILLIAM PFAFF, political columnist, International Herald Tribune and The Los Angeles Times syndicate. AUP

12:45-2:30  Lunch: "Are We All So Different?" HARRIET WELTY ROCHEFORT, journalist and author of French Toast, a book about the cultural conundrum. AUP

3:00-4:15  "Sorting Out Europe." FLORA LEWIS, syndicated columnist, Former chief diplomatic columnist, The New York Times. AUP

7:00-8:30  Cocktail: "CRISIS COMMUNICATION: Can the Law Survive the Internet; Can the Internet Survive the Law?" with CAROLE ACIMAN, attorney, Chadbourne& Parke LLP, (New York) and KENNETH NEIL CUKIER, senior editor, Communications Week International. AUP

Tuesday, March 23

10:00-11:15  "Staying in Focus." ANN SWARDSON, Washington Post Paris correspondent. AUP

11:30-12:45  "Front Row Seat: Covering Europe's Best." ALAN RIDING, European cultural correspondent, The New York Times.. AUP

1:00-2:00  Lunch: JONATHAN RANDALL, journalist and author, After Such Knowledge What Forgiveness? on covering international conflict. AUP

2:30  Security clearance at the US Embassy, 2, avenue Gabriel, 75008 Paris (Metro: Concorde). You must bring your passport.

3:00:-4:30  European political briefing: MAGGIE PEARSON, press information officer, US Embassy, Paris.

7:00  Dinner 1: At the home of Lee & Berna Huebner, 3, rue Lalo 75116 Paris. (Metro: Line 2 Porte Dauphine)

Wednesdav, March 24

10:00-11:15  "A Deadline Every Minute." JOCELYN NOVECK, Paris Bureau News Editor, Associated Press. AUP

11:30-12:45  "Enterprise and Investigative Journalism Overseas." CHRISTOPHER DICKEY, Paris bureau chief of Newsweek, and author Summer of Deliverance. AUPAFTERNOON FREE FOR TOURING

7:00  Dinner 2: At the home of Lee & Berna Huebner (see Tuesday)

Thursday, March 25

10:00  "The First Global Newspaper." A visit to the INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE, 181, avenue Charles de Gaulle, 92521 Neuilly-sur-Seine (Metro:Pont de Neuilly Line 1). Session with an editor and newsroom visit. OR

11:00  Visit to French Television: ODESSEY channel at the building called "Le Vent", 305, avenue le Jour se Levb 92100 Boulogne 5th floor Building is 300 meters past TF 1 (Metro: Porte de Saint-Cloud).

1:00-2:30  Lunch: DAN LEVIN, senior advertising executive, CEO of Xtreme Register, London; former executive of J. Walter Thompson. AUP

2:30-3:45  "Seen on the Screen: Committing International Television." JIM BITTERMANN, Paris correspondent, CNN and NPR commentator, PAT THOMPSON, independent producer of news and documentaries, CHRISTIAN MALAR, Foreign Editor, France 3 Television News. AUP

3:45-4:45  "Marketing Culture and Image in Fashion." MARY-FRANCE POCHNA, attorney and broadcaster. Author of biographies of Christian Dior and Gianni Agnelli. AUP

6:30-8:00    FRANCE AMERIQUE, 9, avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt 75008 Paris (Metro: Franklin D. Roosevelt Line 9) Roundtable Q&A with members of the Anglo-American Press Association and French journalists: "Covering Today's News: Relations between the Press, Government, and Business.

Friday, March 26

10:00-12:00  Radio France International Studios, Maison de la Radio, 104, avenue du President Kennedy 75016 Paris. Meet in the lobby no later than 9:55 A.M.

"International Broadcasting and Journalism, from Propaganda to Information" Guy Riboreau, Director of the International Training Department (4th floor).

1999 Seminar Participants

The following people attended the March 22 - 26, 1999 International Media Seminar:

Jeff Billingston
Andrea Colgin
Dawn Craig
Aaron Deslatte
Lance Green
Eric Gruber
Scott Haar
Mary Hawkins
Jalyn Higgins
Marla Hinkle
Brenda Martin
Jacque Mullins
Donnie Simon
Jeff Wells
Sarah Wheeler
Joetta Wigger
Angie Williams
Christy Yun

Dr. Chad Stebbins (professor)
Richard Massa (professor)