International English Program

Program Goals

Our goal is to give you the skills to be a successful English communicator in an academic environment. After successful completion of the IEP, you will be given admission to university courses at MSSU.

Goal of the International English Program

  • To provide students the English language ability needed for academic work
  • To support English language learners throughout their MSSU studies.
  • To provide English instruction for business and personal purposes outside the university.
  • To serve the MSSU International Mission by increasing the impact of international students on campus and in the Joplin community.

Many Opportunities for Learning and Using English

  • classroom instruction
  • conversation partnerships
  • on campus language activity groups (reading clubs, Toastmasters, etc.)
  • community groups that provide cultural experience

At Missouri Southern, prepare to offer your experiences, language, understanding and culture to those around you. It is your gift to the people of Missouri! We value what you have to offer us, and we thank you for your gift of international experience.