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Director, Institute of International Studies

Dr. Chad Stebbins

3950 E. Newman Rd.
Joplin, MO 64801
Phone: 417.625.9736
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International Mission Endowment Fund

Under its mission statement, MSSU is charged with leading the cultural advancement of the community. Through the themed semester programs sponsored by the Institute of International Studies, numerous concerts, international films, and other cultural events have been provided for the community to enjoy ─ free of charge. Between our efforts and the classical music programming sponsored by Pro Musica, the four-state area is culturally rich.

But now, due to a statewide budget crisis, our International Mission enhancement money has eroded. We are asking for your help to create an endowment, to ensure that we are able to continue offering as many cultural programs as before. Any gift will help ─ $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or more.

The funds may also be used to help students study abroad, particularly those with high financial needs. Students who receive money from the International Mission Endowment Fund are asked to repay the amount after they graduate from MSSU and have started their career.

We’ll publish the names of our benefactors in our themed semester programs and the Crossroads alumni magazine, and as the endowment takes root, we’ll provide special opportunities for you to become even more involved in the International Mission.

Contributors to MSSU International Mission Endowment

(as of March 7, 2014)

Tourist ($10 - $99) ¦ Sightseer ($100 - $199)  ¦ Wanderer ($200 - $299)  
Adventurer ($300 - $399)  ¦ Explorer ($400 - $499) 
Swashbuckler ($500 - $999)  ¦ Globetrotter ($1000 or above)

Tourist level ($10 to $99)

  • Linda Atkinson
  • Jeff Billington
  • Calvin and Vicki Cassady
  • Daria Claiborn
  • Jenna (Bass) Clark
  • Vedita D. DeFreitas
  • Phyllis DeTar
  • Brenda Durbin
  • Benjamin Ertel
  • Jenny Ertel
  • Karla Fenix
  • Marla Hinkle
  • Harrison Kash
  • David and Virginia Lindsey
  • Donna Martin
  • Virgil McCoy
  • Jersvy McKnight
  • Allen and Kay Merriam
  • Henry Noll
  • Lisa (Ball) Olney
  • William and Carolyn Orbin
  • Erin Parrigon
  • Brooke Pierce
  • Michael and Shari Porte
  • Billy L. Rasbury
  • Ron Robson
  • Dr. Sarah Schlink
  • Sarah Seibert
  • Lance Sharrock
  • Laura and Paul Teverow
  • Walt Walker
  • Amanda Zook


Sightseer level ($100 to $199)

  • Sarah Godsey
  • Matthew Godsey
  • Carol Harris
  • Jack Holden
  • John Howard
  • Ruth I. Kolpin Foundation
  • James and Donna Krudwig
  • Dr. Charles McGinty
  • Pedro and Alice Pantoja
  • Wilberto Ramos
  • Brooke Roberts
  • Dr. Stephen Smith
  • Bill Trudeau
  • Lorraine Whittington


Wanderer level ($200 to $299)

  • John and Dianna Baker
  • Dr. Harold W. Bodon
  • Jeff Hollingshead
  • Dr. William Kumbier
  • Carolyn Lowry
  • Trisa Moss
  • Angela (Scott) Wyatt


Adventurer level ($300 to $399)

  • David and Meredith Adams
  • Dr. Floyd Belk
  • Lance and Sharen Beshore
  • Dr. Linda Hand
  • Betty Harris
  • KiKi (Coffman) L'Italien
  • April Stanley Njari and Njari Gitonga
  • Dr. Ann Wyman


Explorer level ($400 to $499)

  • Rod Anderson
  • Larry and Elizabeth Deffenbaugh
  • Russell and Wendy Fugate
  • Dr. Hish S. Majzoub
  • Dr. Pat Murphy


Swashbuckler level ($500 to $999)

  • Bob and Bea Higgins
  • Matthew Kunkel
  • Stacey (Crouch) Kunkel
  • Teresa R. Massa
  • Ron Mitchell
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Pat and Carolyn Phelps
  • Richard Walter


Globetrotter level ($1,000 or above)

  • W. Robert Corley
  • John M. Cragin
  • Dr. William L. Edwards, in memory of Cmdr. William L. and Rosemary F. Edwards, Lyndhurst, Ohio
  • Jeré G. Marcum
  • Jerry and Nancy Perry
  • Cynthia H. Schwab
  • Rod and Rae Surber
  • Dr. and Mrs. John Windle