Financial Aid Menu

How to View and Accept Financial Aid

To View and Accept Awards
  • Sign on to LioNet
  • Under Quick Links, click on Financial Aid
  • In the Financial Aid Menu, click on Award
  • In the Award menu, click Award for Aid Year
  • Choose the appropriate Aid Year, click Submit
  • Click on tab at top Terms and Conditions. Read and accept terms. Once Terms and Conditions are Accepted, your Award will be viewable.
  • Click on Accept Award Offer Tab. In this menu you will be able to accept, decline and modify your award (see below for these options). you will be able to adjust your loans down but not up. Please keep in mind by accepting the full amount of your loans it may limit your aid in Summer or future semesters. 
  • Options for accepting award offers include:
  1. Accept the full award amount by selecting Accept Full Amount of All Awards.
  2. Choose Decline or Accept for each fund.
  3. Accept a partial amount by selecting Accept and entering the amount in the Accept Partial Amount field.

*Remember, all amounts are for the full school year. 50% will be disbursed in the Fall semester and 50% in the Spring semester.

 To View Document Requirements:
  • Sign on to LioNet
  • Under Quick Links, click on Student menu
  • At the Student menu, click on Financial Aid
  • At the Financial Aid Menu, click on Eligibility
  • On the Eligibility menu, click Student Requirements
  • Outstanding requirements will appear first, some requirements are hyperlinks that will direct you to another website to complete the requirement or download copies of appropriate forms
  • To view more information about the requirements, click on Requirement Messages
  • To view any messages that pertain to your awards, click on Award Messages