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MOCAP Results from Efforts of Education, Industry & Business

MOCAP illustrationJOPLIN, MO (SNS) - MOCAP (The Missouri Center for Advanced Power Systems) results from cooperative efforts of several state universities, private industry and business organizations.

At Missouri Southern State University, MOCAP operates out of facilities located in the Anderson Criminal Justice Center. Participating entities include Missouri Southern State University, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Missouri State University, University of Missouri - Columbia, Eagle Picher Technologies, Joseph Newman Innovation Center and the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce.

This project started more than three years ago. Eagle Picher's high-end products range from batteries for weapons systems, space satellites and the Hubble Space Telescope to implantable batteries in medical devices.

The establishment of a center for applied research and training will help keep the current Eagle Picher engineering work force fully up to date. MOCAP is formed for the purposes of development of educational curriculum and facilities that enhance, promote and develop the education level, and, consequently, the job opportunities relating to advanced power systems.

The corporation will seek to contract with other private and public corporations and educational institutions to provide services related to the enhancement, promotion and development of educational opportunities in advanced power systems technology and related fields that serve to increase the knowledge and skills and the standard of living for the residents of the Joplin Missouri area and the State of Missouri.

Thanks to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, $2.4 billion was appropriated for transportation electrification and EDV battery and component manufacturing initiatives with approximately $3.9 billion earmarked for energy storage and smart grid technologies. President Obama has said that he would like to see the creation of one million electric-drive vehicles whose major components are primarily Lithium-based batteries and ultra capacitors.  The target date for that creation is 2015.

The corporation is a 501(c)(3) organization. The opening of the MOCAP effort at Missouri Southern was held in March 2010.

MSSU President Bruce Speck, key legislators, members of the university administration and other dignitaries took part in kickoff ceremonies. For more information, contact Dr. Tia Strait, School of Health Sciences at MSSU, at (417) 625-3155.