Responding to specific emergencies

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

The University educates the student community about sexual assaults and date rape through mandatory freshman orientations each fall. The MSSU Police Department (UPD) offers a Rape Aggression Defense class to all female students at no cost each semester. Literature on date rape education and risk reduction is available through the UPD office, Health Center and the Student Support Center in Hearnes Hall. Designated restrooms also have literature (Billingsly Student Center, Student Life Center and athletic locker rooms).

If you are a victim of a sexual assault at this institution, your first priority should be to get to a place of safety (family, trusted friends, Student Health Center, Student Support Center, and the UPD office). You should then obtain necessary medical treatment. The MSSU Police Department strongly advocates that a victim of a sexual assault report the incident in a timely manner. Time is a critical factor for evidence collection and preservation. An assault should be reported directly to the MSSU PD. Filing a police report will not obligate the victim to prosecute, nor will it subject the victim to the scrutiny or judgmental opinions from officers. Filing a report will:

  • Ensure that a victim of a sexual assault receives the necessary treatment and tests
  • Provide the opportunity for collection of evidence helpful in prosecution which can not be obtained later (ideally a victim of a sexual assault should not wash, douche, use the toilet, or change clothes prior to medical exam)
  • Assure the victim has access to free confidential counseling from trained counselors and if possible, specifically trained in the area of sexual assault crisis intervention.

A student who is guilty of a sexual assault will be processed through the criminal justice system in Jasper County, and if found guilty will be at risk of being suspended from classes at the discretion of the Dean of Students office.

  • University Police 417- 626-2222
  • MSSU Student Health Center 417-625-9323
  • Student Support Center 417- 625-9324
  • Lafayette House 417-782-1772
  • Ozark Center 417-781-2410 (24 hours)