ETS Proficiency Profile

The Proficiency Profile is a measure of college-level reading, mathematics, writing, and critical thinking in the context of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.  The ETS-Proficiency Profile test is designed for colleges and universities to assess their general education outcomes, so they may improve the quality of instruction and learning. It focuses on the academic skills developed through general education courses, rather than on the knowledge acquired about the subjects taught in these courses.

Unlike other tests that rely on a single score, the ETS-Proficiency Profile test yields multiple indicators for students and groups of students.  These indicators provide the specific information institutions need to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses in their curriculum and teaching methods.  Since institutions have multiple needs in using assessment instruments, the ETS-Proficiency Profile test yields two types of information, each useful for a particular purpose:  scaled scores and proficiency classifications.

The ETS-Proficiency Profile is administered to incoming full-time, non-transfer freshmen students to gauge their high school level reading, mathematics, writing, and critical thinking, and then given to the same students as seniors to find out what they learned since their freshman years-value added.

The results of the test assist MSSU in understanding and improving the quality of education at MSSU.

Allows MSSU to gauge how much has been gained due to Missouri Southern's academic engagement.

ETS-Proficiency Profile results are reported to many external stakeholders, including Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE), the High Learning Commission (HCL), various accreditation bodies, and the voluntary system of accountability (VSA).

The results of the ETS-Proficiency Profile are used to compare the performance of MSSU students to students from other universities.