Career Services

Hire a Lion

What can I do on Hire a Lion?

  • Upload resumes and cover letters
  • Search for on- and off-campus employment
  • Find internship and volunteer opportunities
  • Schedule on-campus interviews with select companies
  • Browse employers
  • Develop a searchable profile

How to Use Hire a Lion

Hire a Lion Log In

  1. Student accounts are created automatically with the following login Username: complete MSSU e-mail address Password: Student ID number with a capital S. Alumni graduated before 2012 logging in for the first time will need to create an account by following the link below the log in button.

  2. Hover over Job/Internship Search; select Job Search from the drop down.

  3. To narrow the search results, click on the arrow below Job Type, choose the appropriate job types, click on close, finally press search.

  4. On-campus jobs require a resume; start one now with Optimal Resume!

On-Campus Employment

You must have a resume uploaded to Hire a Lion to apply for on-campus positions.
To upload a resume on Hire a Lion:

  1. Save your resume as a PDF or Word document.
  2. Select My Account, then choose My Resumes, Cover Letters, References.
  3. Click Add by the appropriate document type. Upload document and save.

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