North Korea: Hangover of the 20th Century

Thursday, 12 October, 2017

North Korea is often portrayed as a "rogue state" and "unpredictable," but like any other state it has a history that has to be taken into account to make sense of its present. Throughout the 20th century, Northern Korea has been on the front lines between empires, and between imperialists and liberators. The end of the Cold War globally has not solved the Korean separation the way it solved the German one, though the ideological rhetoric has changed. North Korean leadership invokes this history regularly to explain and justify its positions, and this has to be taken seriously in any analysis of North Korea's 21st century development.

Dr. Jonathan Dresner is an associate professor of history at Pittsburg State University. He became intrigued with Japan due to a year abroad in high school, and eventually settled on an historical approach. An interest in international exchange led to a study of Japanese labor migration to Hawaii, which has broadened into the study of labor migration and modernization both in Japan and elsewhere. After teaching in Iowa and Hawaii, he came to PSU, where he directs the history master's program and teaches East Asian history, specialized courses on Japan, and world history at the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

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