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Staff Senate Committees

Staff Senate

Executive Committee

Sharon Fraser, President
Angela Bennett, President-Elect
Scott Meeker, Secretary 

Communications Committee

Scott Meeker, Chair 
Mike Moss
Kandee Behnke
Emily Boydston (non SS member)
Stephen Smith (non SS member)


Cheryl Dobson, Chair 
Deb Fort
Jim Sayles
Tani Montee

Community Service Committee

Bethany Newsom, Chair
Deb Fort
Emily Boydston (non SS member)
Craig Gullett (non SS member)
Courtney Pearson (non SS member)



Elections Committee

Jim Sayles, Chair
Tani Montee
Robin Douglas
Josh Doak (non SS member)
Tina Tracy (non SS member)

Legislative Oversight

Angela Bennett, Chair
Sharon Fraser
Lori Musser
Kyle Vann
Julie Wengert (non SS member)

Staff Welfare

Tani Montee, Chair
Cindi Fletcher
Lisa Robinson
Meghan Henson (non SS member)
Nathan Hicks (non SS member)
Glenda O'Dell (non SS member)
Diane Vlasin (non SS member)

Other University Committees

A list of committees on which a
representative has membership:

University Council
Sharon Fraser
Angela Bennett

Culture Committee
Cheryl Dobson

Diversity Committee
Lori Musser

Faculty Senate
Sharon Fraser

Financial Stability Committee
Cheryl Dobson

Insurance Committee
Mike Moss (2018)

Shared Sick Leave
Angela Bennett (2019)

Student Senate
Darrin Bentley (student - non SS member)