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Student Employment Directory

Human Resources Department

The student employment program at Missouri Southern State University is a valued and necessary function for making MSSU a successful University. MSSU hires over 400 students each year to assist our academic, athletic and support areas to accomplish the mission of the University. MSSU's student workers are provided quality, professional and meaningful work experiences while supporting their overall success at Missouri Southern.

To find out about available on-campus job opportunities, contact the Student Employment Coordinator for a complete list.

Interested students may also contact Career Services regarding off-campus employment possibilities.

Human Resources supports the student employment process by providing answers to employment related questions, payroll processing, time sheet distribution and student employees' address changes.

Please see the following links for additional Student Employment assistance.

Student Employment Office
Career Services
Clery Report
Student Employee Handbook
Student Employment Request/Change Form
Student Employment Termination Form

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