MSSU Alumni Association

Outstanding Alumni Award Recipients

1971 Dennis Weaver
1972 Vernon Lawson
1973 Arrell Gibson, Ph.D.
1974 Robert Higgins
1975 James Stevens, D.O.
1975 Martha Stevens
1976 Kenneth Bowman, Ed.D.
1978 Jack Dawson
1978 Robert Moyer
1980 Edwin Strong, Jr., Ph.D.
1981 Ronald Lankford, Ed.D.
1983 Robert G. Sheppard, M.D.
1984 Bill Grigsby
1985 Larry J. Moore, Ph.D.
1986 Mark Claussen, Ph.D.
1987 Glen C. Barnett
1987 Jerry W. Cooper
1987 Dan H. Fieker, D.O.
1987 Eugene E. Langevin, D.O.
1987 Chuck Surface
1988 Marion A. Ellis
1988 Mary Jane Grundler, Ed.D
1988 Robert M. Headlee
1989 Michael L. Storm
1990 Floyd E. Belk, Ed.D
1990 Cynthia Carter Haddock, Ph.D.
1991 Lt. Col. Barbara J. Bevins
1992 L. Howard Hartley, M.D.
1993 Wayne Woodard
1994 Richard Hood
1994 Samuel Miller, Ph.D.
1995 Jesse A. Reed
1995 Shelly L. Hall, Ph.D., M.D.
1996 Janet Lynn Kavandi, Ph.D.
1996 Charles L. Butler, Ph.D.
1997John Causten Currey
1998 William Terry James
1999 Jack D. Crusa
2000 Myron McKinney
2001 Dennis Burns
2002 Keith Adams
2002 Bill Gipson
2003 Gary Nodler
2003 Ron Richard
2003 Marilyn Ruestman
2004 Herbert J. Schmidt, Jr.
2005 Michael Laferla, DDS, MS
2005 Lonny Chapman
2006 Col. Fred Witter
2006 Jim Goodknight
2007 Kevin Williams
2007 Don Flinn, M.D.
2008 Jack Brannan
2009 Gary Aggus
2010 Rod Smith
2011 Betsy Banks
2012 Carol Parker
2012 Mike Moore
2012 Bryan Vowels

2013 Rob Roy Ratliff
2013 Michael W. Osborne
2014 Daryl Deel

Outstanding Alumni Award

Established in 1971, The Outstanding Alumni Award at Missouri Southern is the highest award given out to an alumnus by the Alumni Association for their outstanding achievements they have achieved in their profession, and have made significant contributions to benefit their community, state or nation. Awarded each fall during Homecoming, it recognizes the outstanding professional accomplishments of MSSU's finest graduates.

Candidates are nominated for the Outstanding Alumni award by alumni, friends of the University, family members and faculty and staff of MSSU. Information is gathered from many different sources. The information is evaluated and an initial selection is made by a committee representing alumni and faculty. The Alumni Association Board of Directors approves or makes final selection of those who will receive the award. Candidates must have graduated at least 10 years before selection.

Applications received at the Ralph L. Gray Alumni Center prior to May 31 will be considered for the award.

Please fill out this online nomination form for your contribution to recognize a deserving alumnus/alumna or Print Nomination form for Outstanding Alumni Award. (PDF)