MSSU Alumni Association

Lionhearted Award Recipients

2000 Dwight Lunow
2001 Chuck Elgin
2002 Jack and Judi Crede
2003 Representative Bryan Stevenson
2003 Rep. Ed Emory
2003 Rep. Jack Goodman
2003 Rep. Steve Hunter
2003 Rep. Larry Taylor
2003 Rep. Kevin Wilson
2003 Rep. Steve Hunter
2004 David Haffner
2005 Jim Zerkel
2006 Mary Helen Harutun
2007 Warren Turner
2008 Jim Frazier
2008 Ruth Kolpin-Rubison
2009 George Beimdiek (Posthumous Award)
2009 Bob and Dot Wilcoxon
2010 Dr. Larry and Donna McIntire
2011 Larry Hickey
2012 Brad Belk
2013 Don & Gloria LaFerla

Lion-Hearted Award Recipients

Established in 2000, The Lion-Hearted Award at Missouri Southern is presented to someone who is not a graduate of Joplin Junior College, Missouri Southern State College, or Missouri Southern State University.

However, this person embodies the true heart and soul of Lion Spirit and has made significant contributions to the institution, either through monetary or voluntary assistance.

Awarded each fall during Homecoming, it recognizes the outstanding contributions of MSSU's wonderful supporters.

Candidates are nominated for the Lion-Hearted award by alumni, friends of the University, family members and faculty and staff of MSSU. Information is gathered from many different sources.

The Alumni Awards Committee, comprised of Alumni Board members and Faculty, will meet to review all nominations, and recommend recipients(s) to the MSSU Alumni Association Board of Directors.

The Lion-Hearted Award is given to individuals who are not alumni of Missouri Southern, but have made unmatched contributions to the University.

The award is based on outstanding service, financial support, student recruitment, or other efforts to Joplin Junior College, Missouri Southern College, Missouri Southern State College or Missouri Southern State University.

Applications received at the Ralph L. Gray Alumni Center prior to May 31 will be considered for the award. 

Please fill out the nomination form for your contribution to recognize a deserving recipient.

Lion-Hearted Award Nomination form