Millers Analogy Test –Graduate School Exam

  • Test starts at: varies
  •  Cost: $70
  • Length of test: 1 hour Location Information Hearnes Hall,314
  • Check in time: 15 minutes prior to testing Host: ACTS Hearnes Hall, 314
  • Picture-signature ID required
  • Testing per appointment

MAT Testing Candidate Form:


  • The MAT identifies those who are analytical thinkers. And that's critical for success in life.
  • The MAT is an analogy-based test — so here’s an analogy that’s completely relevant: The MAT is to analytical thinkers as graduate school is to advanced degrees.
  • Through various types of analogies, MAT identifies candidates who are logical thinkers. It helps you spot the candidates whose knowledge goes beyond memorizing and repeating information.
  • The ability to analyze information is a key attribute of candidates that the most respected universities value and seek out. And this holds true for more and more companies when it comes to hiring their executives, too. They want people with potential — and with the application skills to turn that potential into reality.
  • Some basic background on MAT as an analogy-based test.
  • MAT has proven itself in use for more than 50 years as a reliable and valid test for qualifying graduate school candidates.
  • Research studies by psychologists using analogies in work on human intelligence and reasoning have found that analogies are among the best measures of verbal comprehension and analytic intelligence.
  • Independent research and reliability and validity studies conducted by Harcourt Assessment have shown correlations between MAT raw scores and graduate school GPA.
  • The MAT is a computer-based test. (Computer based generates an immediate "unoffical" score)
  • For more information click here: Miller Analogy Test

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