Peer Education


Provide an effective peer network to encourage, support, and promote healthy living for all students. We believe students can play a unique, effective role in encouraging their peers to consider and talk honestly about responsible habits and attitudes towards alcohol and drugs, mental health, relationships, body image, sexual assault prevention, stress management, and wellness.

What is a peer educator?

A Peer Educator is a student who is a leader and role model to fellow students regarding living responsible, healthy lifestyles. Peer Educators are students that other students can feel comfortable talking to about personal issues in order to get the help/services that they need. Peer Educators have the responsibility of teaching through example, and assisting with programming across campus to educate students about relevant issues that affect our campus community.

MOSO Week Squad members do things such as:

  • Serve as a positive example to other students.
  • Represent the values and concerns of the majority of responsible students.
  • Work to explore common ground shared by administrators, staff, and students regarding prevention goals, objectives, and activities.
  • Speak out when campus administrators, faculty, students, or community representatives misrepresent the responsible attitudes and behaviors of the student majority.
  • Speak from the facts and research-based knowledge about alcohol and other drug problems, not on the basis of personal opinion or anecdotal impressions.
  • Participate in many of the fun activities around campus, have a say in what activities we bring to campus, helping others live a safer life, attend regional/national conferences, and free t-shirts!

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