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Roary the Lion

University Relations and Marketing Department


Roary the Lion has been leading university pride since 2012 when he made his debut appearance on campus at the Homecoming Picnic on October 5th. After his name was decided by more than 1,800 voters, Roary the Lion came to life. He has since been a focal point of sporting events and student activities.

A lion has been our mascot since 1937, the year we opened as Joplin Junior College. Through the decades, our university has seen several mascots come and go, but Roary assures us he’s here to stay. With his own Facebook page and constant activity on campus, Roary is a fan-favorite at sports events and an exciting guest at area elementary schools.

Energetic and full of school spirit, Roary leads audience cheers at sports games, welcomes incoming freshmen at Southern Welcome, takes themed photos with students throughout the semester, makes appearances at campus events, and much more.

With his bright yellow mane and MSSU jersey, Roary is hard to miss. So if you see him on campus, don’t be shy—because he certainly won’t be!